Release the Spyce Episode 3: Craving Praise

Momo may have passed the test to get into Tsukikage, but as it turns out being a spy can be quite difficult. Even more so when she wants to be praised by her mentor.

Decoy Momo

Momo plays decoy in her first mission

One of Momo’s first assignments has her playing decoy, trying to get a confession out of a chef about drugs he has been using in his food. She gets the confession, but after the other members of Tsukikage save her from becoming ramen, Yuki says that she could have gotten even more information from him.

Momo & Yuki

Momo and Yuki ready to infiltrate a brothel

Over the course of the next few missions, Momo keeps making errors that make things just a little harder for Tsukikage. She is attempting to impress Yuki and earn her praise, but all that happens is that she gets chewed out.

Yuki's apology

Yuki apologises for her apprentice’s mistakes

Yuki ends up having to apologise for Momo’s actions, and this results in Momo becoming depressed. She starts to have second doubts about being part of Tsukikage, and whether she can protect the city or not.


Byakko demonstrates her strength

Meanwhile, Moryo are preparing to move out based on intel they have received from Tsukikage’s traitor. Rather than directly confronting them, though, they decide to rely on mercenaries for the time being. After all, they can’t be entirely sure the information they have is completely reliable.


The apprentices have a little get together

Before Tsukikage’s next mission, Goe has all three apprentices get together in order to help Momo cheer up. She lets Momo know that she and Fu have been in a similar situation to her, and even Hatsume went through something similar as well. The meeting works to cheer Momo up.

Byakko attacks

Byakko confronts Momo

The time for Tsukikage to carry out their mission arrives, and it goes too smoothly to begin with. It is soon revealed that the enemy was prepared for their arrival, as they end up being ambushed. Byakko arrives and immediately goes after Momo.

Momo & Fu

Momo and Fu cooperate to fight Byakko

When Momo and Fu attack together, Byakko uses her own spyce to enhance her physical abilities. However, a combination of preparation, co-operation and support from Goe allows Momo to win the battle.

Byakko defeated

Momo defeats Byakko with the back of her blade

Byakko is taken in for interrogation, but something happens before they can get any information from her. Earlier on, she was given some gelatin to consume. It seems harmless at first, but it wipes memories when the person experiences fear. However, some grains of sand stuck to Byakko’s foot give Tsukikage a solid lead, so its not all bad.

Yuki's praise

Yuki praises Momo for a job well done

As this episode comes to an end, Yuki gives Momo the praise that she has been seeking – after all, her capture of Byakko was a good thing. Fu even warms up to Momo a little more as well.

This was a good episode of Release the Spyce. Momo was able to pass the test before, but we see that she is still very much a rookie when it comes to being a spy. A slight push from her fellow apprentices has helped her with that.
The fight with Byakko was pretty good – Momo taking advantage of the mines she had planted was a neat moment. Fu and Goe were nothing to sniff at, either.

The Tsukikage traitor remains just as mysterious as ever. I’m still theorising that it is Yuki’s former mentor. I know some people suspect one of the currently active members of Tsukikage, but I hope that doesn’t end up being the case.

I’ve really enjoyed Release the Spyce so far, and have no doubt I will continue to do so. I can see it being one of my top three shows for this season.

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