Bloom Into You Episode 3: It’s Just Normal

The final stages of the election for the student council president are underway as of the third episode of Bloom Into You, but the students have a bit of time off before that.

Yuu and Touko

Touko comes over all nervous when she discovers Fujishiro Bookstore is run by Yuu’s family

Before we even get the opening theme, this episode starts with Yuu saying that she has absolutely no intention of joining the student council. After the opening theme, Yuu finds Touko accompanying her on the way home as she wants to pick up a book for their break. Touko is surprised to discover that the bookstore is run by Yuu’s family, and gets introduced to them.


Yuu spends the break with her friends – Natsuki, Akari and Koyomi

Yuu is invited to hang out with her friends, and she accepts the offer. They spend the day just doing the typical stuff, including watching a romance film. Afterwards, though, they discover that Akari’s pursuit of her senpai in the basketball club isn’t going so well and they feel bad about it. Natsuki and Koyomi tell her to keep at it, whilst Yuu says that it may not work out.

Touko's Gift

Yuu contemplates why Touko likes her so much

Moving on, Touko stops by Fujishiro Bookstore unannounced to give Yuu a gift. Touko also makes sure to let Yuu know just how much she likes her.
The gift is a projector which shows the stars, which Yuu sets up in her room. As she gazes up at the stars, she wonders why Touko likes her.


Sayaka stops by to check on Yuu and Touko

The time for the speeches for the student council president election arrives, and as most of the candidates and their manages are nervously waiting, Sayaka stops by to check on Touko and Yuu. It appears that Touko is totally calm and composed about everything, but Yuu seems to notice something after Sayaka leaves. She asks to step outside, and has Touko accompany her.

Unseen side of Touko

Touko shows a side of herself that she only wants Yuu to see

Outside, Yuu tells Touko she could see she was nervous. She asks why she doesn’t talk to someone like Sayaka about it, but Touko says she couldn’t do that. When she was younger, something happened that made Touko that changed who she was – she doesn’t elaborate on what that event was, though.
Through the conversation, Yuu gets a better idea of what Touko thinks of her, and the reason she likes her so much.


Yuu announces that she wants to be on the student council

Yuu and Touko return back inside, and then its time for the candidates and their managers to give their speeches. Yuu gets through her speech perfectly fine, though she does add a little bit – she says that she wants to join the student council. What she doesn’t say aloud, though, is her reason – Yuu feels she is the only person that Touko can turn to in times of need.
Touko suggests that Yuu may be being a little too kind.


Touko tells Yuu that she ‘so likes her’

The results of the student council election come in, and the next student council president is Touko Nanami. Once the result is announced, Touko hugs Yuu and tells her that she likes her.
The episode ends with Yuu’s sister barging into her room whilst she is enjoying the star projector, asking to borrow her charger. When she has gone, Yuu wonders if she will reach the stars someday.

This episode adapted chapters 4 and 5 of the manga. Another faithful adaptation, though it did shift a couple of scenes around. Yuu saying she wasn’t going to be on the student council came right before the speeches.
Yuu’s sister asking for the phone charger was also part of the initial star project scene in the manga, but they split it up here – I guess it just gave a fairly decent end point for this episode, what with Yuu wondering if she will reach the stars one day.
A couple of scenes may have been shifted around, but there have not been any major changes to the progression of the plot. As of this episode, the entirety of the first volume of the manga has now been completely adapted into anime.

The English translation used for the anime has been a little different from the official translation for the manga. The words ‘like’ and ‘love’ seem to get switched around a bit. It’s nothing too bad, but I thought it may be worth pointing out.

All in all, a pretty good episode. We are now learning a little bit more about Touko, and as such have a bit of a better idea regarding the way she feels about Yuu. Even Yuu herself has a bit of a better idea regarding it.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    I’m all in now. I’ve been enjoying the show quite a bit but this episode, specifically THAT MOMENT, was what got me hooked for the entirety of the show. Give me all you got show!

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