Game of the Month: October 2018

This month sees the release of quite a few rather interesting games for the Nintendo Switch, but I’m going to focus on a few that have been holding my attention from the end of September and will continue to do so.
So I’ll be kicking off with some honourable mentions, before focusing on my pick for October’s game of the month. I shall be focusing on a particular RPG this month.
But first, honourable mentions. I’ll start with a couple of games I mentioned in September’s Game of the Month post, because I have actually been playing them now. I’ll also throw in a third title that I bought at the beginning of October – if you follow me on Twitter, you will have likely seen what it is.

Valkyria Chronicles 4, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Kemono Friends Picross have been keeping me busy with my Nintendo Switch for the past few weeks or so. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is an excellent strategy RPG that I highly recommend, especially if you enjoy the like of Fire Emblem. Talking of Valkyria Chronicles, the first game is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now. I want to finish 4 before I even think about touching the first, though.
Dragon Ball FighterZ is an Arc System Works developed fighting game featuring characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, as I’m sure everyone who can read can work out. I do intend to get the DLC characters for it some time in the future, but I’m not really in a rush for any of them – however, adding Caulifla, Kale and/or Kefla to the game will be a different story. For now, though, I’ll stick with using Android 21, Beerus and Super Saiyan Goku.
Finally, Kemono Friends Picross takes two things I adore – Kemono Friends and Picross – and brings them together. Picross is all about filling in a grid according to a set of numbers to create pictures. In this case, the pictures are of the Friends – anthropomorphic versions of animals. It’s addictive stuff, and there are plenty of new Friends that weren’t seen in the anime.

With the honourable mentions done, it is now time to focus on my pick for October’s Game of the Month. It is a title from Square Enix that was originally released for the Nintendo DS, and also got a mobile port a few years after that. It is the Nintendo Switch version of the game I shall be focusing on here.The World Ends With You -Final Remix-The World Ends With You -Final Remix- focuses on Neku Sakuraba, who wakes up in the middle of Shibuya with no memory of how he got there. He does have a message on his phone, effectively telling him to complete a set of tasks within seven days or face erasure.CI_NSwitch_TheWorldEndsWithYouFinalRemix_Neku.jpgNeku isn’t alone, though. He soon finds himself partnering up with a girl named Shiki in order to take on foes known as Reapers.

CI_NSwitch_TheWorldEndsWithYouFinalRemix_Pins.jpgAs Neku and his partner tackle the tasks given to them, they will encounter monsters known as Noise. In order to fight the Noise, Neku makes use of Pins that grant him a variety of abilities.
The Pins have abilities that can be activated in a variety of ways – slashing an enemy, tapping a blank space, tapping an enemy, etc. During battles, it is not just Neku who can get in on the action, either.CI_NSwitch_TheWorldEndsWithYouFinalRemix_NekuAndShiki.jpgNeku’s partner can join the fray, and should their Sync Rate hit 100%, it is possible to unleash a powerful Fusion attack. A good way to deal a lot of damage to your foes.

Whilst Pins are an important part of surviving the Reapers’ game, you shouldn’t neglect your outfit, either. Clothes provide stat boosts when you wear them, but you have to be sufficiently brave enough first. Buying clothes from shops also boosts your friendship with the shopkeepers, which means that abilities for the clothing they sell can be unlocked.

As you play through the game, you’ll eventually gain the ability to chain battles together. This will increase the drop rate of items. You also have the option to make your level lower and increase the difficulty of the game, which also has an affect on what items drop and how often.

There are two different ways in which to play The World Ends With You -Final Remix-. One is with touch screen controls, making it feel close to the DS original. Obviously the Switch only has one screen, so Neku’s partner is also controlled with the touch screen. I find that using Pins with a similar activation method to the partner’s attack is a pretty good way to build up sync rate for those Fusion attacks.
The other method is to use a single Joy-Con, mixing up button and motion controls. I’ve tried it out a little bit, and it feels somewhat clunky – Pins that you activate by slashing seem to take some getting used to, but at least tapping and touching generally works. If you ask me, you are probably best off playing the game in handheld mode.
There is also a co-op mode you can play by using two Joy-Cons. One player controls Neku, whilst the other fights as his partner during battles. Providing you are ambidextrous enough, you could always try a solo co-op run – or, two controllers, one player.

The World Ends With You -Final Remix- has an excellent soundtrack, and there are songs in there that will work their way into your head and never leave. Ever since playing the DS original, Calling has always been buried in the recesses of my mind. It has resurfaced now that I’m playing through -Final Remix-, and another song, Underground, has joined it.

The World Ends With You -Final Remix- is a great JRPG addition to the Switch’s ever-growing library, and one that I recommend. For fans of the original game, an exclusive new chapter has been added as well, delving even deeper into Neku’s story. Whether you are a fan of the original, or have yet to experience Neku’s story, The World Ends With You -Final Remix- is definitely worth a look.

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2 Responses to Game of the Month: October 2018

  1. Krystallina says:

    I enjoyed the DS version as well as revisiting the characters in Kingdom Hearts. I’m looking forward to playing the Switch version and the bonus scenario.

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Playing the fourth Valkyria Chronicles game first isn’t a bad idea. I found the original VC to be much tougher. Learning the basics on the easier title will serve you well.

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