Aikatsu Friends! Episode 27: Illuminate the Darkness

The Brilliant Friends Cup continues in episode 27 of Aikatsu Friends!, but Sakuya is refusing to leave her dressing room after foretelling that a misfortune will befall Kaguya.

Young Shirayuri Twins

Sakuya and Kaguya have been together from the moment of their birth

With Sakuya foretelling that a misfortune will befall Kaguya causing her to disappear, she decides to take a trip down memory lane. The Shirayuri twins have pretty much always been together. There was an exception: Sakuya comes down with a cold on the same day her class is due to go for a field trip. Kaguya ends up going alone, but ends up getting lost – something Sakuya was able to divine, but not tell her sister.

Bedridden Kaguya

Sakuya kept watch over Kaguya

Kaguya ended up developing a fever after getting lost during the field trip. However, it was that very event that changed the way Kaguya thought about her sister. Before, she was filled with resentment at how Sakuya just seemed to be better at her than everything. However, after that incident, Kaguya came to realise just how much she loved Sakuya – and that’s how she ended up devoting herself to her.

Full Moon

Sakuya and Kaguya make up two halves of a full moon

Going back to the present day, Sakuya says that the only way for Kaguya to avoid the misfortune is if there is a full moon. Unfortunately, the moon is in its waning crescent phase. However, Kaguya insists that there will be a full moon – she and Sakuya make up two parts of a moon split in half. After all that, Sakuya emerges from the dressing room.

Illuminate the Darkness

Illuminate the darkness, Reflect Moon!

Before Reflect Moon step out onto stage, Sakuya stops Kaguya. Kaguya assures her that the dress Sakuya gave her, the Blanc Plume Coord, will ward off any misfortune. Together, the two of them are invincible.

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon step out onto stage, and give a performance that leaves the audience spellbound. Afterwards, the winners of the Brilliant Friends Cup are announced.
Seeing the performances in the Brilliant Friends Cup gets Honey Cat fired up.


The misfortune that Sakuya foretold comes to pass

Kaguya did not suffer any misfortune when she was on the stage, and starts to tease Sakuya about her divination being wrong. That is until the misfortune Sakuya predicted suddenly appears – it’s a fairly amusing moment.

Mio meets Love Me Tear

Love Me Tear have some surprisingly harsh words for Mio

Elsewhere, Mio ends up talking to Karen and Mirai. They say she didn’t reach the Aikatsu Zone, and more importantly, she wasn’t able to draw out one hundred percent of Aine’s true power. She needs to have more faith in her partner. When Mirai and Karen leave, Karen tells Mio that she had high hopes for Pure Palette. That’s how this episode ends.

What the hell, Love Me Tear? You were all supportive of Pure Palette before, and now you’re just giving up on them because of their performance in the Brilliant Friends Cup? I don’t know why they are acting so antagonistic now, but perhaps that will lead to Mio growing even closer to Aine. I feel Love Me Tear’s change in attitude to Pure Palette is somewhat jarring. It was briefly hinted at in the previous episode, and now they are just outright telling Mio that they have given up on her.

I don’t know what’s going on with Love Me Tear, but I do know that this was a very good Reflect Moon episode. The more I learn about Sakuya and Kaguya, the more I like them – and I liked them a lot when they were first introduced.
Sakuya and Kaguya are making for a very good pair, and I like that we learned how Kaguya came to admire her sister so much here. Reflect Moon are definitely making a very good bit to be my favourite Friends in this season.

An excellent episode for Reflect Moon, whilst Love Me Tear’s harsh criticism of Mio seems a little odd. Well, surely Mio can only get better after having her heroes effectively tell her that they have given up on her.

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1 Response to Aikatsu Friends! Episode 27: Illuminate the Darkness

  1. SK says:

    You got it all wrong; it’s not that LMT weren’t supportive of Mio anymore, it was that because Mio misplaced their faith by not trusting in Aine as her partner, something which can prove fatal to their progression as Friends. Hence, it makes sense that LMT would be harsh towards Mio, but for good and sound reasons.

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