Hugtto! PreCure Episode 36: Super Stars

Episode thirty-six of Hugtto! PreCure is one that I have been eagerly anticipating. The reason for is quite simply the return of a few familiar faces that we haven’t seen for a little while

KiraPati Girls

Surprise, it’s the KiraPati girls!

Even before the usual introduction, Traum is attacking the PreCure – no, not Hugtto PreCure, but KiraKira PreCure a la Mode girls. Amusingly, the usual introduction has Hana assure the viewers that, yes, we are still watching Hugtto! PreCure.


Ah, the traditional lead Cures bumping heads – carried over from the All Stars films

Hugtan senses the danger that the KiraKira Cures face, so she warps them to her location. Unfortunately, Doctor Traum follows them, almost crushing Hana and Ichika when he lands. A little magic saves them, though.

Mirai & Liko

Mirai, Riko & Mofurun

Some old friends return. For the record, I’ll be going with Riko rather than Liko, simply because I think Riko sounds better, and there are plenty of other Rikos out there – Riko Sakurauchi & Riko Saikawa are two that immediately spring to mind. I’ve never come across another Liko before. Haa joins them as well.
Doctor Traum uses a de-aging ray to make the girls slightly younger – because changing the stock transformation footage would take time and effort. Anyway, this PreCure bargain sale means time for transformations.

KiraKira Cures

KiraKira PreCure a la Mode

Maho Girls PreCure

Maho Girls PreCure

Hugtto PreCure

Hugtto! PreCure

The united PreCures fight against Traum, and the fight ends in an own goal, as it were.

Miracle, Yell and Whip

Miracle, Yell and Whip

Before the battle with PreCure, Doctor Traum attacked the Magic World and Strawberry Mountain, leaving both suspended in time. In an attempt to put a halt to any more of that, the gathered Cures split into two groups to seek out any other PreCure.

Love & Tarte

Love & Tarte, from Fresh Pretty Cure

It isn’t too long before one group stumbles upon Love Momozono and Tarte, since they get to search by air on the Maho Girls’ broomsticks. The other group end up on foot, and bump into a former villain from Yes! PreCure 5.


Ruru doing the robot

As it turns out, Hugtan and Mofurun together are pretty much weaponised cuteness – I’m surprised that Homare was able to survive. Love has competition coming up, so she is rehearsing her dancing – even with a potential crisis where time could stop looming over them. Love is confident that they can stop that from happening.

Hana & Nozomi

Hana & Nozomi

The other group, led by Hana, ends up encountering Nozomi Yumehara. It is shortly after that encounter that Oshimaidaas appear before both groups.

Cure Dream

Nozomi is Cure Dream

Cure Peach

Love Momozono is Cure Peach

With the monsters appearing, two more PreCure reveals themselves and join the fight. However, the Oshimaidaas have been powered up and they stop time in their respective areas – and for a few other groups of PreCure as well. Traum is convinced that he has frozen all the other PreCure in time, but Cure Yell doesn’t believe that for a moment. After all, there are other PreCure out there.

Cure Black, Cure White & Shiny Luminous

Cure Black, Cure White and Shiny Luminous

That’s where this episode ends, and what an episode it was. Seeing so many PreCure groups gather together outside of the films is already hype-worthy, but the whole thing is also tied together with Doctor Traum attacking the respective locations the various PreCure teams are based in.
For a PreCure fan like me who has watched every season, it sure is a great feeling to see so many of the legendary warriors gather together – oh, and Cure Dream is there as well. I’m still not too fond of Yes! PreCure 5, but I can’t deny that it is part of the franchise. I’m still not a fan of Cure Dream’s voice, either.

Wouldn’t have minded seeing more of the older Cures, but it is what it is.

The preview suggests that next week will be even more hype-worthy. After all, we didn’t see all of the other Cures frozen in time. Also, the ending theme used for these crossover episodes is excellent – a derivative of the opening theme used for the first season of PreCure.

An excellent episode, that also serves as a brilliant way to continue the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of PreCure.

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2 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 36: Super Stars

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  2. OG-Man says:

    I’m pretty sure you had the same reaction as I did when the best family in all PreCure made their triumphant return to monitors and TV screens. I’d say this is an excellent batch of Guest Rangers to kick off the REAL 15th Anniversary celebration. My body is SO READY for Part 2.

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