Release the Spyce Episode 2: Without Honey

The first episode of Release the Spyce introduced the members of Tsukikage, and now Momo must pass an initiation test in order to be counted among their ranks. Preparing for said test is quite the commitment.

Warm Welcome

Momo gets a warm welcome to Tsukikage’s secret base

The episode begins with Fu telling Momo that she probably isn’t cut out to be a spy. However, if she is completely set on the idea, she tells her to order a specific thing from Wasabi.
Momo does exactly that, and is led to Tsukikage’s impressive secret base. The other girls show her around whilst telling her a little bit about the history of Tsukikage.

Optical camouflage

Hatsume demonstrates some of her inventions

As it turns out, Hatsume is the inventor of the team. She has created a variety of inventions, though not all of them seem particularly useful. There is one thing that Tsukikage uses that she didn’t invent: the Spyce.


Momo receives some Spyce

Spyce has been passed down through Tsukikage for a long time – the organisation’s founder was a spice trader, after all. Spyce is only effective for young girls. Once the effectiveness drops, that is when one graduates from Tsukikage. Once that happens, the person can either work as a collaborator for Tsukikage, or have all memory of it erased and go back to leading a normal life.
Active members of Tsukikage train apprentices in order to pass on their skills and spirit.

Fu & Mei

Mei is Fu’s mentor

Goe & Hatsume

Hatsume is Goe’s mentor

Momo is Yuki’s apprentice, but before she can officially be part of Tsukikage she has to pass a test. The training for that begins that evening.
Momo is seriously put through her paces by Yuki, and she soon learns that being a spy is a lot of hard work.


Yuki and Momo discuss what they are fighting for

The training is tough, though Momo does get a moment to appreciate the view of the city together with Yuki. Through their discussion, they learn that they both have very similar goals – to protect their city. Yuki also mentions someone she admired her showing her the view as well.


Momo renews her resolve to train alongside her mentor

I won’t go into detail about the training – you can watch that for yourself – but I will say that it wears down on Momo. However, a few words from Hatsume about how Yuki trains every day gets Momo back in gear. Momo has to endure the Yuki’s training for two months.


Yuki puts Momo to the test

After the two months, Momo shows very promising results. She is a far cry from how she was before the training, and that means the time for the test arrives. Momo’s task is simple: she just has to catch Mei.


Momo and Mei decide to Spyce up the test

Mei actually told Momo what the test was earlier on, but Momo had absolutely no chance of catching her back then. Now, though, Momo can keep up. Both girls use their Spyce, but Momo knew that preparation would be key.


Momo successfully passed the test and joined Tsukikage

Having successfully completed the test, Momo officially joins Tsukikage. Yuki presents her with a sword. Yuki’s mentor also wielded a blade, and she tells Momo that she can become the strongest warrior by mastering it.
Meanwhile, Moryo begins to move…

That wraps up episode two, and it has got me speculating about the identity of the traitor that joined Moryo. I have a couple of theories regarding that; first, the traitor is actually a double agent. After all, this is a spy show and you can never be too sure who is on which side.
The other theory is that the traitor is Yuki’s mentor. That is something that will no doubt be revealed further on down the line, but that’s the theory I am putting forth at the moment with the very little information we have available to us at the moment.

Putting that speculation aside for the moment, this was a good episode. It established Tsukikage a little more, and the training certainly had some rather amusing moments. It all paid off in the end as well, with Momo joining Tsukikage.

Release the Spyce continues to be a show that I am having a lot of fun watching. With Moryo making their move at the end of this episode, I am very eager to see what happens next.

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