Bloom Into You Episode 2: On the Campaign Trail

In the second episode of Bloom Into You, Yuu helps Touko out with her campaign to become student council president. Oh, and there is the small matter of what happened between her and Touko for Yuu to process, as well.

Sayaka & Touko

Sayaka isn’t best pleased about Touko choosing Yuu as her campaign manager

Touko has chosen Yuu to be her campaign manager for the upcoming student council, which doesn’t sit well with Sayaka. Having always supported Touko, Sayaka expected that she would be the one to manage Touko’s campaign. However, Touko says she chose Yuu, a first year, in order to get the other first years interested. Should she win, Sayaka will be the vice president.

Speech Draft

Sayaka gives Yuu a draft of a speech and asks her to look after Touko

One of the duties of a campaign manager is to make a speech in front of the whole school. As Sayaka had expected to do that, she has one prepared. Sayaka hands over the draft of the speech to Yuu, saying that she can make use of it however she wants. She also asks Yuu to look after Touko.
Following that, Yuu and Touko walk home together during the evening. As they do so, Yuu asks Touko about the confession she made before.

Touko's Love

Touko’s love

Touko demonstrates the love she feels for Yuu by kissing her. That is the type of love she feels – when Touko is with Yuu, her heart pounds. It is a feeling that nobody else has ever made her feel.

Touko and Yuu

Yuu agrees to continue being Touko’s campaign manager, as friends

The following day, Touko takes Yuu aside to talk to her. She apologises for what happened, and says the reason she chose Yuu as her campaign manager has nothing to do with that. She just wants to work alongside Yuu as friends; Yuu agrees.

Felt nothing

Yuu felt nothing from her first kiss

Touko’s kiss continues to play on Yuu’s mind for a little while longer. She doesn’t hate that her first kiss was stolen by another girl. On the other hand, Yuu didn’t feel anything from the kiss, either.
The campaign to make Touko student council president gets underway, which involves putting up posters, conducting interviews and a group photograph.


Yuu grabs Touko’s hand

During the photograph, Yuu grabs Touko’s hand and watches her face closely. With that, she is able to realise that she and Touko aren’t actually the same. Touko does feel a special feeling, whereas Yuu feels nothing.

Yuu and Touko

Yuu and Touko talk at a café

Yuu decides that she should tell Touko that she doesn’t think she can fall in love with her, and tries to tell her that at a café. However, Touko is able to read Yuu and knows that is the case. She just asks Yuu to let her be in love with her. Yuu agrees.

This episode of Bloom Into You adapted chapters 2 and 3 of the manga, once again providing a very faithful experience. One advantage that the anime has over the manga is its use of colour – it can be a bit more artistic in that regard, and give us a visual metaphor or two.

So we see that Touko is in love with Yuu, whilst Yuu claims to feel nothing. However, she says she doesn’t mind Touko being in love with her – perhaps suggesting that there might actually be something there. Perhaps Yuu’s idea of how love feels is radically different from what she expects. After all, her expectations of love comes from shoujo manga and love songs. I may not be an expert on the subject, but romances can play out in many different ways.

Much like with the first episode, I have no complaints about this episode. It’s a faithful adaptation, and I feel fairly confident in saying that it will probably remain that way until at least the last couple of episodes.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 2: On the Campaign Trail

  1. OG-Man says:

    As you said Yuu may be someone who has a different view of what love is.

    The OP really hammered in Sayaka being “cursed”. Poor dear.

    Very intrigued to see where the story goes next.

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