ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 2: Undead Power

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA got off to a brilliant start with its first episode. Now we see if the second episode can live up to the first, particularly now that the actual premise of the show is out in the open.


All the zombies are now awake; except for Tae

With most of the zombies now awake after their concert in the first episode, Kotaro explains to them that they will become idols in order to save Saga. It seems that Sakura is the only one who is currently on board with that plan, though.


Saki confronts Sakura

Saki, the former legendary biker boss, confronts Sakura and asks about where she came from. Sakura doesn’t remember anything from before she became a zombie, and Saki scares her a quite a bit.

Junko and Ai

Junko and Ai end up scaring each other

A little later on, Sakura realises that Ai has disappeared. When she goes out to look for her, she hears two screams – Ai and Junko ran into and thus frightened each other. Both have no intention of going along with Kotaro’s plan, so they have decided to leave.


Three zombies roaming the streets at night

Sakura ends up accompanying Ai and Junko, and the trio end up running into three rappers who try to pick them up. The policeman from the first episode also appears again, and there is panic when he and the rappers see the true forms of the zombie girls. After the policeman shoots at them, the zombie girls rush back to the house.

Saki and Sakura

Saki wants to know why Sakura is going along with Kotaro

Moving on, Sakura finds herself being confronted by Saki once more. Sakura may be going along with what Kotaro says, but Saki isn’t like that – she does what she wants and only respects people with guts. Her goal is to take over the entire country.

Moving on, the girls have a performance at the 11th Shachi-no-Mon Public Concert. Said concert seems to be popular with the elderly in particular. According to Kotaro, the most important thing the girls need to do is hide the fact that they are zombies.

Green Face.jpg

“A little trick”

Of course, one particular member of the crowd happens to be eating dried squid which catches the attention of Tae. She tries to go for him, and Sakura holds her back only to pull her arm off, and make her lose her head. Sakura tries to salvage the situation by claiming that it is a trick, but Saki ends up making things worse.


This whole sequence is amazing

Sakura loses her temper, and what follows is a spectacular sequence. I won’t spoil too much about what happens, though I will say that even the audience ends up on the receiving end.

Sakura and Saki

Sakura earned Saki’s approval

Thanks to what happened, Saki finds new respect for Sakura. She also mentions how Sakura’s egg-shaped head reminds her of her Tamagotchi. Ultimately, Saki sees becoming an idol as a way to achieve her dream of taking over the country.

I don’t want to spoil the main attraction of this episode, so I’ll keep my thoughts on it brief. It was utterly spectacular, and I quite like the idea of Death Musume Green Face trying their hands at different genres. Hopefully that will continue to be a trend for the rest of the season.

It’s also nice to start learning a little more about each of the girls, though I do kind of hope that Tae does not wake up for a little while longer. Sakura was absolutely amazing in this episode, and Tae was fun as well. Definitely have to give props to Kotaro as well, especially with his assistance during the concert.

I know it is only two episodes in, but I feel very confident in saying that ZOMBIE LAND SAGA will easily be one of my favourite shows this season. Interestingly, next week looks like a more typical idol anime.

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1 Response to ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 2: Undead Power

  1. OG-Man says:

    Another fantastic episode! Currently this is my 2nd favorite comedy of the season with a certain “vampiric” one at #1. Best Zombie is still Tae.

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