Hugtto! PreCure Episode 35: The Place Where Life Begins

The thirty-fifth episode of Hugtto! PreCure is one that focuses on Saaya, which sees her returning to the hospital once more to gain a further appreciation of the work doctors do.


PreCure doctors

With Saaya preparing for an upcoming role in which she plays a high school girl who happens to be a talented doctor, Saaya asks for a favour from Hana’s Mum. Thus everyone goes back to the hospital where Uchifuji-sensei’s wife gave birth, with Saaya hoping to learn more from the doctor they met back then.


This girl scolds Hana for being too noisy

At the hospital, the girls come across a girl who tells Hana off when she makes too much noise. A little later on, Saaya learns the girl’s name is Aya, and her mother is heavily pregnant. However, the baby will have to be delivered by caesarean section.

Upside down book

Aya doesn’t seem all that thrilled about becoming a big sister

We get a glimpse of how the other girls are handling helping out around the hospital. After that, Saaya asks Hana what her mother was like when she was pregnant with Kotori, but Hana doesn’t really recall. Apparently she would proudly tell strangers she was going to be a big sister, though. Hearing that, Saaya realises something and goes to find Aya.

Saaya & Aya

Saaya and Aya talk about Aya’s Mum

When Saaya finds the girl, she asks about her Mum. Aya says how she makes a lot of mistakes, but also brings up her good points. As she does so, Aya reveals that she thinks her mother will no longer be her mother when the baby is born. Saaya comforts her, and Hugtan shows up as well.

Hugtan & Aya

Hugtan helps Aya to cheer up

After that little chat with Saaya, Aya goes to hug her mother just before she has the caesarean section. Whilst that happens, Doctor Traum strikes.

Noise Reduced Monster of the Week

Wild Oshimaidaa, now with reduced noise

After their previous encounter, Doctor Traum came prepared and set up his Wild Oshimaidaa to have reduced noise – except this time the fight is taking place some distance from the hospital.

Feather Blast

Feather Blast

Cure Ange steps up to blast the foe with her Feather Blast attack, and the fight progresses in the usual manner from there on out. Doctor Traum makes a comment about being able to beat PreCure if they were babies, which seems to give him an idea…

Baby Brother

Aya’s baby brother is delivered safely

That brings us to the end of the episode, where Aya calls Saaya ‘Doctor Saaya’. Saaya’s appreciation for the work doctors do also increases.

This was such a heartfelt episode, and that made it a joy to watch. Saaya may be doing well with her acting, but it is clear that becoming a doctor is the path she will most likely end up walking down in the future.
Saaya’s episodes have been particularly good, especially with her unsure about what she wants to do with herself. She’s a talented lass with plenty of options open to her, though.

Definitely one of the stronger episodes of Hugtto! PreCure, and I’m happy to see more from Saaya.

Next time… well, next time we will be getting something rather special. I can’t wait.

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