Hugtto! PreCure Episode 34: Kotori’s Room

In episode 34 of Hugtto! PreCure, Hana’s sister Kotori has noticed a link between PreCure and Hana, so she decides she should investigate further.

Suspicious Kotori

Kotori believes that Hana is causing trouble for PreCure

The episode starts with Kotori blogging about PreCure, and a potential connection that her sister has with them. She believes that Hana is causing trouble for the PreCure, which amused me quite a bit.

Emiru & Kotori

Emiru surprises Kotori, only to end up being surprised herself

Moving on, Kotori is watching Hana and her friends from a distance when Emiru approaches her. Emiru explains what she thinks the connection is between Hana and Cure Yell to Emiru, but Emiru suggest she may be overthinking it.

Cure Yell Fan Club

Kotori ends up getting dragged into the Cure Yell Fan Club

Emiru and Kotori’s conversation draws the attention of those two boys from Hana’s class. I’ll be honest, they are so non-descript that I can’t even recall their names without looking them up – and I have no intention of doing that. One is a major Cure Yell fan, whilst the other has a crush on Hana. Anyways, they are members #1 and #2 of the Cure Yell Fan Club, and they make Kotori the third member – without her say so.

Gelos' makeover

Gelos goes all punk

Over at Criasu Corp, Gelos is going through a breakdown, lamenting about how her time has been escaping from her. She ends up getting a makeover, turning all punk.
Back to Kotori and those other two, they end up talking about Hana. Kotori says how Hana is all scatterbrained, and she would rather have a sister who is more like Cure Yell. She also happens to set up a comedy routine for Hana to stumble into – and she does, when a gust of wind blows Kotori’s cap into the nearby pond.

Hana in the Pond

As Kotori predicted, Hana ends up in the pond

Hana may be… well, Hana, but she was relieved to see that Kotori was safe and sound. Everyone else arrives shortly afterwards to see Hana taking a quick dip. Kotori decides to go and get a towel.

Monster of the Week

Of course Gelos’s Wild Oshimaidaa is an hourglass

Kotori and the other members of the Cure Yell Fan Club end up being targeted by Gelos’s Wild Oshimaidaa when she summons it. One of the boys tries to distract it, but the Wild Oshimaidaa doesn’t care and continues to pursue Kotori and the other one.

Cure Yell saves Kotori

Cure Yell says something that Kotori remembers Hana saying to her in the past

The Wild Oshimaidaa attacks, but Cure Yell arrives just in time to save Kotori from it. She tells Kotori that she will save her no matter where she is – the very same words that Hana spoke to her younger sister in the past during a thunderstorm. With that, Kotori is able to start putting things together. With Kotori safe, PreCure focus on fighting the Wild Oshimaidaa.

Gelos Toge Power

Gelos unleashes her toge-power

When it looks like the Wild Oshimaidaa is defeated, Gelos arrives and unleashes her Toge-Power, turning the tables on PreCure.

Kotori stands up for PreCure

Kotori stands up to Gelos

Kotori and the Fan Club boys stand up to Gelos, getting PreCure back into fight with their asu-power. They are able to defeat the Wild Oshimaidaa, and Gelos retreats.
After that eventful day, Kotori blogs about during the evening. Kotori goes to ask Hana if she is Cure Yell, but Hana drifts off before she can even get the question out.

Nono sisters

The Nono sisters

We end on a relatively cute note as Kotori climbs into bed with her big sister, who she presumably came to appreciate a little more after the events she went through.

Well, I’ll start by saying that I really don’t think much of the boys who make up the Cure Yell Fan Club. I had forgotten they even existed until this episode, and I’m sure that they’ll just fade back into obscurity by the time I watch next week’s episode.

Other than that, this was a fun episode. Kotori may call Hana a scatterbrain, but it is pretty plain to see that she does love her. Kotori’s assumption that Hana was causing trouble for PreCure at the beginning of the episode honestly made me laugh, though I kind of wish she could have done her own investigating into the matter rather than being dragged around.

I like Gelos’s makeover, even if it does come from her being in a dark place. With her subordinates gone (now productive members of society as shown in this episode) and her time lost, I suspect we will see the end of her soon.

Next time, we’re getting an episode that focuses on Saaya. I’m quite looking forward to it.

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1 Response to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 34: Kotori’s Room

  1. OG-Man says:

    Kotori’s antics and misunderstanding were nice. The guys remain afterthoughts as they should be. Still mildly annoyed by the show constantly trying to encourage a het ship between Hana and that guy we don’t care about.

    I had a feeling you’d like Gelos’ new look.

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