Aikatsu Friends! Episode 24: One Plus One Equals Infinity

In the twenty-fourth episode of Aikatsu Friends!, Pure Palette and Reflect Moon appear on a variety show together with Love Me Tear.

Reflect Moon

The only light Kaguya needs in her life is the brilliant gem of the moon, her sister Sakuya

The episode kicks off with Reflect Moon and Pure Palette discussing the variety show. Sakuya and Kaguya know that they will be working with some prominent celebrities – none other than Love Me Tear. However, Kaguya declares the only person she cares about is Sakuya.
Mio is shocked, and Aine tries to explain their appeal – but Kaguya doesn’t get it.
Either way, Pure Palette, Reflect Moon and their respective managers start the necessary preparations for the variety show.

Love Me Tear

Karen and Mirai

Karen and Mirai are recording their introduction for the show. Once that is done, Pure Palette and Reflect Moon join them.

Mirai and Reflect Moon

Mirai has no trouble telling Sakuya and Kaguya apart

The twins are surprised when Mirai can tell them apart with no trouble whatsoever. Their mics are handed over to them. Aine and Mio put theirs on with no trouble, but Sakuya and Kaguya are a little unsure of what to do with them.


Aine helps Sakuya with her mic

Aine helps Sakuya to put her mic on, whilst Karen helps Kaguya. Kaguya says that they should worry about her sister first, but Aine has that covered.
After that, recording starts with Love Me Tear interviewing Reflect Moon. Sakuya’s nerves get the better of her and she keeps tripping over her words, so Mirai asks if they could have a minute or two before they continue. The director agrees.

Mirai the Witch

Mirai reveals herself to be a witch… hmm, now where have I heard of a witch named Mirai before…?

During the break, Karen asks the director something. Meanwhile, Mirai tells Sakuya that she is a witch – and with a spell, makes the whole studio light up like a planetarium. That little magic trick is enough to calm Sakuya’s nerves, and she thanks Mirai for that.

Mirai hugs Sakuya

Mirai hugs Sakuya

With Sakuya feeling more confident, Mirai hugs her before they continue on with the variety show. Sakuya has a much easier time of it and Reflect Moon get their part done without any trouble.

Mirai performs

Mirai’s solo performance

As part of the show, Mirai has a solo performance. When she sings her song, Sakuya is somewhat enamoured. Kaguya still can’t see Love Me Tear’s appeal, though she does notice that Karen is watching Mirai with a deadly serious expression.

Absent Mirai and Sakuya.jpg

The girls notice that Mirai and Sakuya have slipped off somewhere

Well, this is where I hold my hands up and admit I had a somewhat naughty thought about where Mirai and Sakuya went, as well as what they were doing. Of course, it’s nothing like that.
Karen knows what’s up, so she asks Aine, Mio and Kaguya if they want to join her for a little excursion. She takes them to the stage set storage area, where they find Mirai and Sakuya. It’s a place that Mirai loves to be.


Mirai takes a picture of everyone

Being in the stage set storage area, there are plenty of props just laying around. Mirai digs out a naginata that Karen used during a drama and passes it over to her.


Karen skilfully wields the naginata

Karen swings the weapon around with ease, though apparently she is a little rusty. After her little display, Kaguya asks Karen what she was thinking about during Mirai’s performance. Karen says that watching Mirai makes her want to push herself to become even better – they may be Friends, but they are also rivals.

Aine's declaration

Aine makes a bold declaration in front of Love Me Tear

Next up, the Pure Palette interview. Without a care in the world, Aine freely says that Pure Palette will become Diamond Friends – right in front of the Diamond Friends Love Me Tear.
Karen and Mirai welcome this – as far as they are concerned, anyone who steps up on the stage of Aikatsu is their equal. They also mention how they become Diamond Friends when they were the same age as Aine and Mio currently are, so perhaps Aine’s ambition isn’t too far-fetched.
Hearing that Love Me Tear think of their fellow Friends units as equals, Mio is full of confidence.

Mio's Declaration

Mio follows Aine’s lead and states her intention to become Diamond Friends

Mirai and Karen say that they will be waiting for Pure Palette, and then Karen is called for her performance for the variety show. Before she goes, Kaguya asks if she can watch – naturally that is fine.

Karen's performance

Karen’s solo performance

After Karen’s performance, Kaguya’s eyes are opened to the brilliance of Love Me Tear. With them as her inspiration, she intends to improve her Aikatsu so she can get Sakuya to shine infinitely brighter.

Mirai and Karen

Mirai and Karen push each other to new heights

That brings this episode to an end, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I did feel that a little something was missing though. That something is Honey Cat – then again, it might be a bit of work juggling eight characters around for one episode. Still, I reckon there is a possibility of getting an episode that has Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear all together.

For now, though, I’ll just focused on what happened during this episode. Sakuya and Kaguya having very little knowledge of Love Me Tear gave us a pretty amusing beginning.
Love Me Tear were great in this episode. Their appearances may be fairly rare, but it is generally a good time when Mirai and Karen do show up. It also showed us a bit more about the relationship between the two – they are Friends and rivals at the same time.
Reflect Moon came to learn of the greatness of Love Me Tear, whilst Pure Palette are making bold declarations about becoming Diamond Friends.
Definitely a good episode.

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