Cells at Work! Episode 12: Training a Rookie

In the twelfth episode of Cells at Work!, Red Blood Cell becomes takes on the task of training a rookie red blood cell during what is just another normal day within the body… maybe.

Kouhai and Senpai

Red Blood Cell with her new kouhai

Red Blood Cell’s senpai decides that now is the time for Red Blood Cell to become a senpai herself, and tells her to train a rookie red blood cell. Red Blood Cell is quite shocked by this, but swears that she will do her best.
Naturally, the kouhai is a lot more adept than Red Blood Cell ever was. Still, Red Blood Cell has been given a job to do and she is going to do it. First order of business is to circulate around the body.

White Blood Cell

White Blood Cell at work

Since this is Red Blood Cell we are talking about, a few wrong turns are made. There also happens to be a few distractions along the way, including White Blood Cell doing his job. That ends up being a bloody mess, so the Red Blood Cells stop for a while to clean up. Back en route, there are more distractions.

Red Blood Cell introduces Eosinophil

Red Blood Cell introduces Eosinophil, embarrassing her with a lot of praise


Can you blame Red Blood Cell for being distracted by the Platelets?

Red Blood Cell

Red Blood Cell being a senpai isn’t exactly working out…

Whilst Red Blood Cell doesn’t act very senpai-like, the rookie cell still sticks with her. White Blood Cell also takes a moment to check up on them from a distance – and it is shortly afterwards that the mucky stuff hits the fan.

Average Day

The cells’ world is rocked by a huge explosion

The relative peace of the body is shattered in an unprecedented away, with an explosion utterly devastating the place. Cells are knocked unconscious, and discover a terrible sight when they come to.

Senpai and Kouhai

Red Blood Cell checks on her kouhai

Nobody has any idea of what is going on, but White Blood Cell arrives to tell them that all blood cells have been ordered to the centre of the body. There isn’t much choice in that matter, as Red Blood Cell and the others get swept up in the flow of increased blood pressure.
Once they arrive at their destination, a state of emergency is declared: life-threatening damage has been detected, with the tissue and blood vessels near the head are being severely damaged.
Orders are handed out to the cells: white blood cells are to intercept any invading antigens, platelets have to start repairing the damage and red blood cells have to keep oxygen circulating.

Antigen eliminated

White Blood Cell intercepts an antigen

White Blood Cell makes his way towards the damaged area, eliminating antigens as he does so. When he arrives, he gets quite a shock.

No Blood Cells

There are no blood cells to be seen anywhere

White Blood Cell was expecting to find red blood cells that needed defending from antigens. Instead, he discovers nothing. There are absolutely no signs of life anywhere.

Quite a grim situation, but the closing credits still have CheerS by ClariS playing – that’s quite a juxtaposition between the happy and upbeat song versus the grim situation.

This episode adapted chapter 17 of the manga, which is called ‘Hypovolemic Shock (Part I)’, rather than the ‘Hemorrhagic Shock Part 1’ used in the anime. Apparently they are different things, though both involve blood loss.

As has been the case for pretty much every episode so far, this is a faithful adaptation of the manga with some small additions – pretty much the stuff with Red Blood Cell getting distracted whilst circulating with her kouhai.

Still, a pretty good episode. It had me laughing quite a few times, and the scale of the disaster is unlike anything that has been seen before. Naturally, that would be saved for the last couple of episodes – though if it was up to me, I would have chosen to adapt chapters 24 and 25. I won’t say why because that would be spoiling things. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed for a second season.

Next week, rather than discussing the episode I shall be reviewing the whole series.

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2 Responses to Cells at Work! Episode 12: Training a Rookie

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Nice to get another moment of Eosinophil being bashful before the series ends. Red Blood Cell assuming the role of mentor to an unimpressed rookie was amusing. Wonder how the person who they live in isn’t dead yet, given the weekly ailments they suffer.

    • Rory says:

      I’ve thought that myself, but considering the antigens are usually eliminated in the end I’d imagine that it is not so bad – this kind of stuff is always happening in our own bodies as well. Well, hopefully not the life-threatening damage from this episode…

      Also, there’s a spinoff called Cells at Work Black which is set in an unhealthy body – from what little I know of it, the cells there have a much harder time doing their jobs.

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