Aikatsu Friends Episode 23: Bird Girl Fest

Episode 23 of Aikatsu Friends! is a Honey Cat episode – or more specifically, one that focuses on Maika. The emergence of a new Friends unit and the results of the Star Harmony Cup are weighing upon her.

Honey Cat

Maika and Ema

Maika has yet to tell her family about what happened in the Star Harmony Cup, and thus they are all cheering for her to do well in the upcoming Brilliant Friends Cup. Knowing that she won’t be entering, Maika talks to Ema about what to do.
Though the Brilliant Friends Cup may be out of reach for now, Maika is determined to become the muse for Dancing Mirage.

Noa Shimendou

Noa Shimendou, the designer of Dancing Mirage

Maika has a photo shoot for Dancing Mirage, but Noa doesn’t seem to be too impressed. When she goes somewhere, Maika follows her and witnesses an acting performance from Sakuya and Kaguya Shirayuri. Noa tells Maika she is not ready to be the muse of Dancing Mirage, and says she should just go home.

Reflect Moon and Maika

Maika talks with Reflect Moon

Maika ends up feeling sorry for herself. Ema tries taking her to karaoke to cheer her up, but Maika decides to pay a visit to a Dancing Mirage photo shoot to try and get an idea of what she did wrong. There, she has a conversation with Sakuya and Kaguya who tell her that Noa’s back is saying ‘don’t smile because you are happy. Be happy because you are smiling.’

Bird Girl Maika.jpg

Bird Girl Maika

At the Bird Girl Fest, Maika is the one chosen as the Bird Girl. It’s raining, but when the time comes for Maika to soar the weather clears up. Whilst Maika flies, Ema takes the stage. When Maika lands, she immediately follows up Ema’s performance with one of her own.

Maika performs

Maika’s solo performance

After Maika’s performance, Noa decides to make her the muse of Dancing Mirage. Noa wanted someone who could make others naturally smile – Maika was effectively trying too hard before, which was why Noa did what she did earlier on.

Maika and Ema

Maika and Ema

There’s another little surprise in store as well.

Chiharu and Noa

Chiharu and Noa know each other

Chiharu used to be part of the same design agency as Noa – they are even the same age. Aine, Mio, Sakuya and Kaguya all stop by to congratulate Maika on her performance.

This was another enjoyable episode of Aikatsu Friends!. Honey Cat may not be participating in the upcoming Brilliant Friends Cup alongside Pure Palette and Reflect Moon, but they doesn’t mean that they are getting less attention.
Besides, I could see some kind of circumstance happening that will allow Honey Cat to enter the Brilliant Friends Cup, but maybe I’m just being optimistic. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

No matter what happens, I will enjoy watching the bonds between all of the characters.

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1 Response to Aikatsu Friends Episode 23: Bird Girl Fest

  1. OG-Man says:

    Maika’s lucky to have a (girl)Friend like Ema by her side. Her family’s pretty cool, especially mom.

    Best believe I ship Chiharu X Noa. Hope to see more of Noa, especially together with Chiharu.

    I too am curious as to whether Honey Cat will somehow get into the Brilliant Friends Cup.

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