Cells at Work! Episode 11: Global Warming

Things really start to heat up in the eleventh episode of Cells at Work!. Remember, stay hydrated.

Red Blood Cell and Senpai

Red Blood Cells feeling the heat

The temperature of the body is on the rise, and the cells are really feeling it. The cells are performing the necessary duties to try and cool the body, but none of that is working. White Blood Cell is carrying out his antigen extermination duty as diligently as ever, even in the heat.

White Blood Cell and Platelets

White Blood Cell pours some tea for the Platelets

All the blood cells march through the capillaries in order to release heat. As they do so, the lights go out and White Blood Cell realises that the body is suffering heat stroke – or heat stress if you go along with the manga’s translation. Coincidentally, an antigen also happens to show up.

Bacillus Cereus

Bacillus Cereus

The antigen is B. Cereus, and it taunts White Blood Cell. However, it has no intention of fighting and just flees. White Blood Cell gives chase, though the heat starts to get to him as well.


B. Cereus taunts White Blood Cell

Due to the heat, White Blood Cell ends up at the mercy of the antigen. Elsewhere, the cells that are trying to cool the body are rapidly running out of ideas.

Rain dance

Rain dance

Back to White Blood Cell and B. Cereus, the antigen gets the upper hand over his foe. White Blood Cell is knocked off a cliff. He holds on for a short while, but the heat and constant attacks from the antigen prove to be too much.
Just as the antigen is celebrating its victory, something arrives.

Intravenous Rehydration

The anime calls this a transfusion, whilst the manga goes for intravenous rehydration

Forces outside the body bring salvation to the cells, with a needle that injects water into the body. There is much rejoicing as the temperature drops, and the cells play around in the water.


A refreshed White Blood Cell is ready to carry out his duty

Now that he has cooled down, White Blood Cell immediately gets back to doing what he does best: eliminating antigens.

Cooling Off

The cells cool themselves off

The episode ends with everyone just cooling down.

This episode adapted chapter 6 of the manga, and honestly, I think we could have had it earlier on in the season rather than this late into the game. It’s a relatively early chapter in the manga, so why not in the anime?
Regardless, this was still a fairly decent episode. It may be one of the more formulaic ones, but there was some fun and cute moments to be found here and there – the latter courtesy of the Platelets, naturally.

It may not be the best episode that Cells at Work! has given us, but I still had fun watching it.

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