Harukana Receive Episode 11: Ultimate Rivals

Before I get into this episode of Harukana Receive, I want to bring up Akari’s ‘Happy Shequasar’ advert. It had quite a catchy little jingle. There is a full version of the song and it is actually really good. Have a listen for yourself:

The final match of the qualifiers continues in the 11th episode of Harukana Receive, with both HaruKana and Éclair intent on winning. A place at the nationals is on the line, after all.
The episode starts with a flashback, focusing on Claire and how she wanted to beat Kanata and Narumi after losing to them. However, as we know, Kanata lost her spark – but Haruka reignited it.


The score remains relatively even

Éclair may have won one set, but HaruKana have no intention of backing down. In the second set, when one team scores the other quickly follows up. Eventually, HaruKana manage to make it to set point, and Haruka is able to take victory in the second set – with help from Kanata, of course.

Second Set

HaruKana take the second set

With Éclair and HaruKana sitting at one set each, it comes down to the third set to decide who shall be moving onto nationals.


Éclair struggles a bit against Haruka’s topspin

Haruka is able to claim three points almost right away in the third set, courtesy of a trick she picked up from Kanna and Youna. Haruka adds topspin to her spikes. However, the Thomas twins soon grow wise to that and they earn their first point of the third set.


Both teams are exhausted

As the third set continues on, both teams can feel their exhaustion catching up to them. Unfortunately for Haruka, she makes an error that brings Éclair only a single point away from winning.


Kanata encourages Haruka

During a break, Haruka apologises for her error. However, Kanata assures her that they haven’t lost just yet – she will take care of it. After a fist bump and high five, they return to the court.


The score is evened up

Whilst Haruka, Claire and Emily are all showing signs of fatigue, Kanata still has a bit of stamina left. Thanks to that, HaruKana are able to take the match to a deuce.

This is where this episode ends, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see the results of the match.
Still, this continued the enjoyable beach volleyball match from the previous episode. Certainly can’t complain about having more excellent beach volleyball action. The music used for the match is good as well, as has been the case for the previous episode.

There isn’t too much more for me to add here that I wouldn’t have already said in the previous episode. The HaruKana vs. Éclair match has been a blast to watch so far, and I am quite eager to see who claims victory.
We got a couple of nice cameos from Marissa and Narumi and Ayasa in this episode, as well as a flashback that taught us a little more about Claire and her motivation for playing beach volleyball.

As far as I can tell, episode 12 will be the last one – so expect a review for Harukana Receive in the not too distant future.

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1 Response to Harukana Receive Episode 11: Ultimate Rivals

  1. OG-Man says:

    Not much to add on my part. It’s more HaruKana vs Hype Twins. awesomeness. Looking forward to the conclusion.

    Oh and Marissa’s booty is unsurprisingly goddess tier.

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