Aikatsu Friends Episode 22: Lunar Mirror

The twenty-second episode of Aikatsu Friends focuses on the twin sisters Sakuya and Kaguya Shirayuri. Sakuya is eager to have Kaguya stand upon the stage beside her, but Kaguya is not so keen on the idea.
Also, this is the 300th episode of the Aikatsu franchise.

Kaguya and Sakuya

The Shirayuri twins

The episode starts with Sakuya doing a bit of divination, whilst talking to her sister Kaguya. Sakuya has a handshake event coming up, and she wants to know whether it will go well. The divination shows that Kaguya holds the key to a successful event.


Kaguya fills in for Sakuya at her travelling fortune tent

Dark Side of the Moon has a travelling fortune tent, where Sakuya performs divination for visitors. However, the tent is currently occupied by Kaguya, who is filling in for Sakuya. Two rather familiar faces pay her a visit.

Aine and Mio

Mio’s sideways glance and nervous fidgeting here is cute

It is none other than Pure Palette, Aine and Mio. They have come to get a divination, though are somewhat surprised to see that “Sakuya” is a using a crystal ball rather than dice. Mio wants to get a fortune about her compatibility with Aine, and is quite nervous about the whole thing.
“Sakuya” performs the divination for them, and pretty much tells them that endless possibilities await. Funnily enough, she doesn’t go into more detail than that.

Sleepy Sakuya

Sakuya falls into a deep sleep

Jumping ahead, Sakuya’s handshake event goes fairly well. However, when the time comes for her to take a break, she succumbs to a pleasant fatigue and falls into a sleep that not even Kaguya can awaken her from.
Wanting the event to continue running smoothly, Kaguya decides to take matters into her own hands and steps out onto the stage in place of Sakuya.

Mio and Aine

Mio and Aine in the audience

When Kaguya steps out onto the stage, she is surprised to see that Aine and Mio are in the audience. Still, the show must go on, and Kaguya has no time to worry about that as she has to start singing.

Kaguya on stage

Kaguya sings in Sakuya’s place

Kaguya sings, and the audience enjoy it. However, they pick up that it is not Sakuya performing – something about her is just different. Kaguya feels there is no other choice, and reveals that she is Sakuya’s younger twin sister. She rapidly leaves the stage after that.

Asking Kaguya to stand on the stage

Kaguya turns down Sakuya’s invitation to stand on the stage of Aikatsu beside her

Moving ahead a bit, Sakuya asks Kaguya if she wants to Aikatsu together with her. Kaguya turns her down, as she is happy simply supporting Sakuya from the shadows. Kaguya doesn’t feel that she is good enough to share the stage with her sister.


Sakuya asks Aine and Mio for advice

Sakuya decides to go to Pure Palette, and ask them for advice. She wants to know how Aine and Mio first started doing Aikatsu together, and how she can convince Kaguya to pick it up as well.
Aine and Mio answer Sakuya’s questions, which gives her what she needs to try asking Kaguya again.

Sakuya and Kaguya

Sakuya asks Kaguya to Aikatsu together again

Sakuya asks Kaguya to Aikatsu together a second time. Kaguya still believes that she doesn’t deserve to stand on the same stage as Sakuya, but Kaguya says that she will be able to shine even brighter if they perform together. Ultimately, Sakuya is able to convince Kaguya.


Sakuya performs

Sakuya puts on a solo performance. Once it is finished, she has something special to announce.

Friends unit

Sakuya and Kaguya officially announce the formation of their Friends unit, Reflect Moon

A new Friends unit, Reflect Moon, is born. Another rival Friends unit means that the road to Diamond Friends has become just that bit harder, but Aine is super happy regardless.

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon

Sakuya had been dreaming of performing together with Kaguya for a long time, and now that dream has come true. She even had a dress and a name for the Friends unit prepared for that day.

That brings this episode to an end, and I really enjoyed watching the formation of Reflect Moon. I already liked Sakuya from her introduction earlier in the season, and it turns out I like Kaguya just as much now I know a bit more about her.
I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a performance from Reflect Moon, but I’m sure that will happen in the not too distant future.

Aine and Mio getting a divination was a good scene – the way Mio acted shows that she is in love with Aine. Well, that’s how I’m choosing to interpret it.
Continuing along that subject, Sakuya and Kaguya have a similar thing going for them. They might not be the same caliber as Harukana Receive‘s Éclair couple, but it is definitely there.

Next time, Honey Cat will be in the spotlight once more.

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1 Response to Aikatsu Friends Episode 22: Lunar Mirror

  1. OG-Man says:

    The Moon Twins were great. Looking forward to Reflect Moon’s debut performance.

    Mio is so in love with Aine.

    More Honey Cat is nice.

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