Hugtto! PreCure Episode 31: Smiles and Tears

In the thirty-first episode of Hugtto! PreCure, an old acquaintance of Hana’s wants to rekindle their relationship. On top of that, the Cures become even more powerful.


Hana is reunited with an old classmate from her previous school

The episode begins with Hana and the others all reminiscing about the fun they had over the summer. After Emiru and Ruru show their autographs off (which they have been practicing, but don’t tell anyone that), a girl approaches them.
This girl knows Hana, but she doesn’t say a whole lot before she runs off. Hana calls after the girl – Eri – but doesn’t chase her. When asked about it, Hana just avoids the topic.

Saaya and Homare stop Eri

Saaya and Homare talk to Eri

Later on, Saaya and Homare bump into Eri. They sit down and talk with her to find out just what is going on between her and Hana.
As it turns out, she is the person that we’ve seen Hana standing up for in flashbacks.

Isolated Hana

Eri chose to protect herself rather than side with Hana

Though Hana stood up for, Eri decided it would be safer to side with the girls who ostracised Hana. She pretty much gave into peer pressure, and as it turns out that has been something she has carried with her all this time. Eri tells Homare and Saaya that she wants to apologise for what happened.

Smiles and Tears

Hana brought Emiru smiles and tears on their dark and gloomy days

Elsewhere, Emiru and Ruru are just sat together with their guitars. They know that Hana has been unhappy lately, and that has really been throwing Emiru off. The two talk about how Hana brightens up their days.

Hugging Hana

Saaya and Homare hug Hana

Saaya and Homare return to Beauty Harry, where they just hug Hana simply because they love her. After that, they sit down and talk with her. Hana always wandered if Eri hated her for interfering back then – which is why she can’t bring herself to talk to her now. Turns out Eri feels the same way.


EmiRuru put on a special performance just for Hana

After that little chat, Emiru and Ruru arrive and play a song for Hana. Saaya and Homare join in as well, and Hana is brought to tears by their sentiment. She is full of gratitude for having met her friends.

Takumi and Jinjin

Takumi and Jinjin steal a powerful item

Over at Criasu Corp, Gelos’ lackeys – Takumi and Jinjin – overheard their boss saying that she wanted to fire them. Doctor Traum also gives Gelos something, and the pair decide to steal it for themselves.

Working Switch On

Working switch on: makeup artists

Moving on, Eri has a cheer recital. Hana and the others go to, with Hana intending to talk to Eri. However, they overhear that the makeup artists for the cheerleaders are running late – in fact, they have been waylaid by Criasu Corp – so Hana and the others use the Mirai Pad to fill in.

Hana and Eri

Hana gets her chance to talk, whilst doing Eri’s makeup

With Hana doing her makeup, Eri finally gets her chance to apologise for what happened. Hana pretty much tells her not to worry about it; the reason she is there is so the two can be friends again. After all, Hana likes Eri. Just as Hana and Eri have patched up their friendship, the cheerleaders are frozen in time. The Mirai Crystals prevent the Cures from suffering the same fate, and they transform.

Fused Takumi and Jin

Takumi and Jinjin are fused into a single being

The toge power of the item that Takumi and Jinjin goes out of control, fusing them into one entity. Gelos arrives and reveals that the item was not quite perfect. She then orders them to serve her until the end.
PreCure pin down the monster and give a speech about their bonds and how that allowed Cure Yell to move forward. This awakens a new Mirai Crystal, and thus a new power.

Pretty Cure Cheerful Style

Pretty Cure Cheerful Style

Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack

Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack

With their new power, Pretty Cure blast the fused Takumi and Jinjin with their new attack: Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack. Takumi and Jinjin resign, and time returns for all those who were frozen.
Eri and the cheerleaders are able to perform their routine, and she and Hana happily wave to each other once it has finished.

Moment that happens only once

A moment hat will only happen once

Back at Beauty Harry, Hana decides to take a picture of everyone. There isn’t a particular reason for it, but it is a moment that will only happen once.

That brings this episode to a close, and I have to say that it was a very good one. That does tend to be par for the course when PreCure receive a new power up.

Seeing everyone support Hana was heartwarming – especially the song the other girls sung for her. This was a great episode for Hana all round, in fact.
Maybe if things don’t work out with Saaya, Hana and Eri could be a thing. I’d be happy to see something like that – though we do have EmiRuru, and that is already keeping me very happy.

Pretty Cure Cheerful Style and Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack are spectacular new additions to PreCure’s arsenal, though Cure Ma Cherie and Cure Amour’s Twin Love Rock Beat remains my favourite attack from this season.
This is a bit of speculation from me here, but Hugtan joining in with the Cheerful Style and Cheerful Attack might just be hinting that she could be a sixth Cure. We’ll just have to wait and see whether my speculation is correct or not, though.

A truly excellent episode of Hugtto! PreCure. Next time, it will be another Homare and Harry episode. I’ll just be here looking forward to mermaid Homare, as well as Bishin’s return.

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3 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 31: Smiles and Tears

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  2. Yona-chi says:

    Honestly, I have mixed reactions about the first mid-season upgrade of Hugtto much like Zero Two’s True Apus form in Darling in the FRANXX, it didn’t make sense storywise, but damn Yell and the others are so beautiful! Not to mention that the OST and the finisher are so too lit, I say.

    Anyway, a huge salute to Hana for being an inspiration to those peeps who’re troubling with maximum crippling depression and bullying. I’m glad that she slowly recovered her maximum trauma by reconciliation to Eri, and that was cool, but of course Georgie is still there you know, so the road to recovery is far from over. For Jin-Jin and Takumi, I’m sure they’ll be joining the redemption squad with Charaleet, Papple and Daigan in an episode or two and I wonder if they’re try to convince Gelos to redeem herself as well, but that’s just me.

    Moreover, we’ll be getting a possible full version of “Friends With You” for the upcoming second vocal album of the season, although I don’t mind if the five Hugtto Cures will sing then bring it on! I’d love to hear that. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ As for Hugtan, I think she could be in the same shoes as Candy and Pekorin during the season finale fight against Georgie or Listol then that’d be epic as heck! Anyway, I definitely look forward for the next episode and it’s mixed reference of Smile, Go! Princess and Mahou Tsukai!, so yeet again haha!

  3. OG-Man says:

    It was great seeing Hana overcome her past trauma thanks to her friends’ support and see her patch things up with Eri.

    Pretty Cure Cheerful Style is badass.

    Will Hugtan become the sixth Power Ranger? Only time will tell.

    Interested in Mermaid Homare most among all the fairy tale cosplay.

    EmiRuru are excellent as always.

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