Hugtto! PreCure Episode 30: Tengu Manor

Already on episode 30 of Hugtto! PreCure – this season will be over before we know it. In this particular episode, Ruru gets one of her long-held wishes granted – after a quick tour of the world.


Ruru is very eager to experience food from all around the world

We begin with the girls – plus Kotori – on the Aisaki family’s private jet – planning to travel the world. Naturally there is a lot of excitement – Ruru is most keen to try all the different food.

Flight Attendants

The girls as flight attendants

Thanks to the Mirai Pad working its magic, Homare and the others are able to take on the role of flight attendants. They get overly enthusiastic about it, though, much to the dismay of Kotori and Harry. Hugtan thinks they are cute, though.
Their first destination is Hawaii – unfortunately, they can’t stay for long as they have a very tight schedule to stick to.

Hugtan Monroe

Never really expected to see this – Homare seems to like it quite a bit, though

Ruru eating pizza

The best part of the PreCure world tour is just Ruru eating

After enjoying the sights and the food of some foreign countries, the group ends up at the final stop of their destination: Atami. There, they go to a hot springs hotel.

Foot Bath

Foot bath

Ruru’s greatest wish is to go to a hot spring – something she wasn’t really able to do at Criasu. Whilst using the foot bath, something approaches. Turns out is the owner of the Tengu Manor hot springs hotel.

Tengu Origin

The owner tells everyone about the tengu’s origin

Everyone goes inside, and the owner tells the story of how a tengu visited the hot spring when he caught a chill. As a result he was blue, but a dip in the hot spring resulted in the tengu turning red – or so the legend goes.
After that, Ruru is very eager to use the baths – the only thing she wants more than food. We do get a bath scene – featuring Dr. Traum, of all people.

After bath

Safe to say Ruru felt relaxed after the bath

After the bath, dinnertime rolls around. Everyone eats, and decides to make more memories of their summer holiday. Emiru and Ruru also decide to contribute to that with a performance.


Emiru and Ruru perform

Everyone enjoys the performance, though it does attract a bit of unwanted attention. When the song ends, someone shouts for an encore – it is Dr. Traum. With the villain showing up, it is time for the monster of the week.

Monster of the Week

A tengu Wild Oshimaidaa

With the tengu being the main theme here, it is only natural that the Wild Oshimaidaa would take on that form for this episode. Hana and the others transform, and start to fight.


A joint attack

The tengu Wild Oshimaidaa proves to be a tenacious foe that PreCure struggle with. Cure Yell doesn’t want their summer holiday to be ruined, but Doctor Traum suggests just freezing time and making it last forever.
Cure Ma Cherie counters that their memories will last forever – that’s what Curestagram is for. Their memories will be there – to which Doctor Traum responds that memories will only last whilst they are alive. He then orders the Wild Oshimaidaa to destroy the hotel.


An unlikely ally for PreCure

A sudden gust of wind sends the Wild Oshimaidaa flying, giving Ma Cherie and Amour the chance they need to blast it with their finishing move. Doctor Traum retreats once the monster is defeated.
Afterwards, Ruru suggests that they were helped by a tengu during the battle. Hugtan happens to spot something in the nearby trees, but nobody else notices.

This was a fun episode – Ruru was very much the star here, and considering she has pretty much claimed the top spot as my favourite Cure from the entire franchise, I certainly won’t be complaining about that.
It’s fairly amusing that this hot springs episode’s only bath scene was one that focused on Doctor Traum.

A very enjoyable episode, particularly for fans of Ruru. Her and Emiru’s outfits for their performance are great, too.

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