Hugtto! PreCure Episode 29: Tanpopo House

Hana introduces her friends to her grandmother in the 29th episode of Hugtto! PreCure. She runs a sweets shop, but her age has started to catch up to her…

Hana and Grandmother

Hana hugs her grandmother

The episode starts with an excited Hana leading her friends to a place called Tanpopo House, where they meet Hana’s grandmother – Tanpopo. She makes traditional Japanese sweets, and prepares a batch of dorayaki for everyone to sample.


Tanpopo’s dorayaki is a big hit

After eating the dorayaki, Hana tries to draw more customers to the shop by handing out free samples. One person who tries a loyal customer of Tanpopo House.


Yone can tell that the quality of Tanpopo House has gone down

The old woman is Yone, and she knows that Tanpopo House’s products used to be far better than they are now. She says that directly to Tanpopo, who pretty much just tells her to go away if she is going to complain. That’s exactly what Yone does.
Tanpopo is determined to prove Yone wrong, and attempts to make ‘mega-dorayaki’. However, she ends up throwing her back out.


Tanpopo ends up in the hospital

We get a rare case of an older character throwing their back out not being played for laughs, and Tanpopo going to hospital. She doesn’t want Hana to see her in that state – Hana tries to protest, but Homare encourages Hana to go on a walk with everybody else.

Let's Go!

Hana is eager to make hope buns, but there is a small problem…

Hana and everyone else end up at Yone’s place, where they have a chat. Yone has been aware of the declining quality of Tanpopo’s sweets for a while now – she talks about how all her sweets used to be amazing, and mentions ‘hope buns’ – sweets that Tanpopo used to make before Hana’s grandfather passed away. Tanpopo had stopped making hope buns after that.
Hana decides that they should recreate hope buns – though nobody knows how. Fortunately, there happens to be an old notebook with the hope buns recipe just laying around.

Making hope buns

It’s tough, but Hana is determined to make hope buns

It’s quite a struggle, but when Hana thinks about Tanpopo exerting herself so much everyday, she finds the strength to push on and make the hope buns. Of course, Hana is also supported by the others, too. Whilst they do that, Yone visits Tanpopo.


Tanpopo has some unexpected visitors

Hana and the others managed to make the hope buns, though their presentation leaves a lot to be desired. However, the hope buns bring back fond memories for Tanpopo, who gets tearful. She tries one, and approves – though she does tell Hana that she has a lot to learn still.

Monster of the Week

Here’s our Wild Oshimaidaa for this week

At around the same time, Gelos happens to be in the neighbourhood. Naturally, this means that it is time for the prerequisite monster of the week to appear, and for PreCure to do their thing. When the Wild Oshimaidaa’s attacks threaten to destroy Tanpopo House, Tanpopo steps up.

Tanpopo defends Tanpopo House

Tanpopo defends her precious treasure

The Wild Oshimaidaa tries to attack Tanpopo after that, but Cure Yell rushes to her defence. When Yell punches the monster, Tanpopo realises that Hana is Cure Yell. Yell, Ange and Etoile get the honour of finishing off the monster this week.


Cure Yell stands victorious

After the dust settles, everyone goes back to Tanpopo House. Hana volunteers to help Tanpopo in the future, but Tanpopo couldn’t possibly impose. Tanpopo insists on continuing to do it alone, but her back has other ideas. Fortunately, there is someone else who is willing to lend a hand.

Yone's muscles

Yone is jacked

So, things all work out in the end, with Yone volunteering to help Tanpopo and presumably restore Tanpopo House to the same quality it had before.

This was a sweet episode – Hana and Tanpopo clearly care for each other a lot, and it was amusing to see the ways in which they were similar. It had some pretty good funny moments as well.
I’m sure the hope buns are full of kira-kiraru – oops, sorry, wrong season of PreCure. Having a pâtissière on board might have made things go easier, though. Still, everything was resolved by the end.
An enjoyable episode, when all is said and done.

Next week, Ruru will be eating – oh, and something about going around the world.

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