Cells at Work! Episode 8: Don’t Lose Your Way

In the eighth episode of Cells at Work!, Red Blood Cell is determined to do her job without getting lost for once. This also provides a chance for this show to take a look at the circulatory system.

Determined Red Blood Cell

Red Blood Cell is determined to not get lost

This episode begins with Red Blood Cell lamenting that she has been a burden on the other cells, and resolving to make it through the circulatory system without getting lost. Since this is Red Blood Cell we are talking about, she stumbles into trouble fairly quickly.

White Blood Cell saves Red Blood Cell

White Blood Cell saves Red Blood Cell yet again

A germ threatens Red Blood Cell, but White Blood Cell arrives just in time to save her. After White Blood Cell eliminates the antigen, he offers to show the lost Red Blood Cell which way she should be going.


Red Blood Cell’s ‘I’m going to do this all on my own!’ aura

White Blood Cell sees that Red Blood Cell is determined to get through the circulatory system on her own, so he decides to leave her to it. She immediately runs headfirst into trouble again, so White Blood Cell decides to watch out for her from a distance.

Keeping an eye out

White Blood Cell keeps an eye on Red Blood Cell from a distance

Unbeknownst to Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell follows her so he can watch over her. She makes her way towards the heart, though not before struggling at a venous valve. Red Blood Cell eventually makes it to the Inferior Vena Cava, where masses of other red blood cells are doing their jobs as well.

On Fire

Red Blood Cell is focused on her task, and nothing else

Red Blood Cell is able to continue onwards, with White Blood Cell helping her out from a distance when any trouble befalls her – whether its dropping her notes or losing her hat.

White Blood Cell and Platelets

White Blood Cell makes a quick stop to help out some Platelets

Red Blood Cell is nearing the end of her journey at this point – she just needs to deliver some oxygen. A couple of germs are waiting to ambush her, but White Blood Cell is on top of things.

Antigens Eliminated

White Blood Cell eliminates the germs

Ensuring to stay out of Red Blood Cell’s sight, White Blood Cell eliminates the germs. This allows Red Blood Cell to tackle the last push of her journey without any interruptions – and she is able to do it.


Red Blood Cell celebrates a successful journey

As White Blood Cell watches on, Killer T Cell arrives. Killer T Cell calls Red Blood Cell incompetent, but White Blood Cell that everyone has things that they aren’t good at. In Red Blood Cell case, it is not losing her way.
White Blood Cell goes on to say that the immune cells and red blood cells should all get along as friends.


Killer T has no time for White Blood Cell’s sappy platitudes

Killer T doesn’t want to her what White Blood Cell has to say – they are both killers, and will even kill their own allies when necessary. Killer T Cell leaves after that, and White Blood Cell goes and has a much more civil conversation with Red Blood Cell.

This episode adapted chapter 10 of the manga, giving us a much more light-hearted episode after tackling cancer cells last week.

This was an amusing episode – watching Red Blood Cell give it her all to go around the circulatory system was fun enough. White Blood Cell lending her a hand every now and then without her knowledge was fairly entertaining as well.
It changed things up slightly, as we didn’t get an ‘antigen of the week’. Whilst a couple of antigens did appear here and there, they weren’t causing any major havoc within the body.
This episode was all about Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell. It also goes into detail about the the circulatory system, showing us several different locations throughout the body.
I feel that Cells at Work! is generally at its best when it is focusing on cells fighting off antigens, but there is nothing wrong with an episode like this one once in a while.

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1 Response to Cells at Work! Episode 8: Don’t Lose Your Way

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    If every episode was just white cell beating up an antigen “of the week” the show would feel repetitive. This episode was a nice change of pace and cute for anyone who ships red/white together. I’m guessing in the next episode we will earn that Killer T doesn’t want to make friends as in the past he was hurt when he had to kill an ally he respected.

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