Hugtto! PreCure Episode 28: The Wild Side

Episode twenty-eight of Hugtto! PreCure focues on Homare’s dog Mogumogu, who becomes infatuated with a cat he sees on television.

Lovestruck Mogumogu

Lovestruck Mogumogu

The episode begins with Mogumogu catching a glimpse of Lily the cat on a TV advert, and it is love at first sight. Homare takes Mogumogu to see the others, and Saaya pretty much confirms that he is in love. Ruru’s analysis comes up with the same result as well.

Cupid Hana

Hana plays Cupid

Hana decides that she will play Cupid, and help Mogumogu. According to Emiru, it is almost impossible to approach Lily. Fortunately, there is an open audition for the next commercial, so we get a short Mogumogu training montage.


Homare trains Mogumogu

Mogumogu undergoes training, though he will have his work cut out for him. As the girls work hard to support Mogumogu, Ruru seems to be having some doubts.

Android and Human

Ruru has doubts about love between a human and an android

During the evening, Ruru and Emiru are out practicing guitar together. Emiru is able to see that Ruru isn’t very happy, so she asks what’s up. Ruru feels like the love between a cat and a dog can’t be requited, because they are different species. This also has her doubting that a human and android could love each other.
Emiru responds by playing their song, which is full of her feelings for Ruru. Ruru cheers up after hearing it, and both girls decide that they will perform at their event to cheer on Mogumogu.


Emiru and Ruru perform

True to their word, Emiru and Ruru put on a performance before the audition. Sure enough, it inspires Mogumogu. Besides the PreCure girls and Harry, there also happened to be a few other familiar faces watching too.

Papple and Minions

Papple and her minions

Though Papple does suggest that Emiru and Ruru sign for her agency, she is actually present for a different reason. She has her own dog entering the audition.


Papple’s dog, Haru

The auditions begin, and the first couple of rounds are actually a close fought battle between Mogumogu and Haru. The third round is to test the heroism of the dogs, and this is the point where Criasu Corp interfere.

Monster of the Week

Bishin’s Wild Oshimaidaa

This week it is Bishin who brings forth the Wild Oshimaidaa. Almost everyone else flees, leaving Hana and the others the opportunity to transform into PreCure. Not everyone was able to escape, though – a girl remains behind. The Wild Oshimaidaa turns its attention to her.

Mogumogu protects a girl

Mogumogu protects the girl

Though he is trembling with fear, Mogumogu steps up and gets between the Wild Oshimaidaa and the girl. He barks for the first time, then leads the girl away to a safe place.

Ma Cherie and Amour

Still the best finisher

Cure Ma Cherie and Cure Amour are the ones to finish off the Wild Oshimaidaa, resulting in Bishin retreating. She remains determined to get Harry to return to Criasu Corp, though.

Mogumogu and Lily

Mogumogu’s good deed paid off

Lily lives with the girl that Mogumogu saved. The cat also happened to be watching, so she gives Mogumogu a token of her appreciation – needless to say that Mogumogu appreciates it quite a bit.

Ruru hugs Emiru

Ruru loves Emiru

Seeing Mogumogu and Lily inspires Ruru. She tells Emiru that she loves her, and hugs her. The episode ends on this heart-warming note.

I thought that this might have been a Homare episode upon seeing the preview last week, but surprise! It was an EmiRuru episode all along. I absolutely adore both Ruru and Emiru, and any episode that focuses on the both of them is one that I am going to enjoy a lot.

Besides EmiRuru, there isn’t really a whole lot more to say about this episode. I will point out that the title “Catch That Heart ♥ Hooray, Hooray! Moguogu!” is a reference to HeartCatch PreCure!, and the purple cat brings to mind KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s Yukari Kotozume.
Overall a decent episode, lifted even higher by giving us more EmiRuru.

Next time, we will meet Hana’s grandmother.

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2 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 28: The Wild Side

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  2. OG-Man says:

    EmiRuru are the best thing about this already fantastic entry in the Pretty Cure franchise. They help make something awesome incredible.

    Also dat sweet gay android ASS!

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