Aikatsu Friends! Episode 18: Adding Wings to a Tiger

The Star Harmony Cup is coming up, so episode 18 of Aikatsu Friends! focuses on Honey Cat’s efforts to prepare for the event. However, neither Ema nor Maika have much spare time in their packed schedules.

Honey Cat

Ema and Maika submit their entry for the Star Harmony Cup

Aine and Mio submit their entry for the Star Harmony Cup, as do Ema and Maika. Everyone who is participating in the Star Harmony Cup are gathered together so they can be told the rules. It seems that Honey Cat are the favourite to win.

Time for Training

Ema and Maika get shunted from one work appointment to the next

With their dresses prepared, all they really need to do is start training. That’s where the problem arises; Ema and Maika just don’t have the time for training amidst all their other commitments.


Maika and Ema push themselves during their training

However, the two girls have an idea and go to Tamaki for permission to stay over at the school so they can train in the mornings and evenings. They get the go ahead.
During one training session, Ema thanks Maika for sticking with her – if she had to go it alone, Ema probably would have given up on training. It seems Maika wants to say something in response, but she can’t get the words out.

A ghost

Maika spots a ghost

When Maika ventures outside in the early hours of the morning, she spots something moving around outside. She assumes its a ghost, which sends her running back inside in a panic. Meanwhile, Aine and Mio are doing some training of their own, and they happen to meet Maika’s supposed “ghost”. I’ll let you discover who that was on your own.


Ema teases Maika

Going back to Ema and Maika, Maika tells Ema about her encounter. Ema teases Maika about it a little, but reassures her that she will beat any ghosts that appear in a lacrosse match.
The girls get back to training, and as they do so Maika uses the ghost to spur herself on even more than before.

Friends Appeal practice

Ema and Maika practice their Friends Appeal

After their run, Honey Cat go back to practicing their Friends Appeal. This time, they put on weighted training equipment. It seems to pay off, as the pair are able to pull off a successful Friends Appeal.


All that practicing tires out Maika and Ema

After that, we skip to the first day of the Star Harmony Cup. Honey Cat are the last unit to perform – Pure Palette find themselves in a very similar position for the second day.

Friends Appeal

Honey Cat’s Friends Appeal

Honey Cat put on quite the performance, and the audience find Honey Cat’s Friends Appeal to be more amazing than usual. The judges have nothing but praise for the performance, too.

Ema and Maika

Ema and Maika hug after their successful performance

There is a lot of hype for Honey Cat. However, Mio has no intention of being outdone and intends to create a big bang when Pastel Palette’s turn comes during the second day. Aine agrees, but seeing all the support for Honey Cat has her shaken up.

Worried Aine

Worried Aine

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see how Aine and Mio will fare, as this is where this one ends.

This was a fun Honey Cat episode. Ema and Maika make for a great pair, and Maika revealing she has a fear of ghosts was pretty amusing.
Whilst Aine and Mio will almost certainly remain my favourite couple from this show, Ema and Maika aren’t very far behind. They had some nice moments together in this episode – I’d probably go for their post-performance hug as the best one.

A great show for Honey Cat, which made for an enjoyable episode.

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