Hugtto! PreCure Episode 27: A Mother’s Strength

After taking a break last week, Hugtto! PreCure returns with its twenty-seventh episode. This one focuses on Hana’s teacher, Uchifuji-sensei, who is very nervous about becoming a father.

Train Me

Uchifuji-sensei begs Hana’s father to train him to be a father

This episode begins with a panicked Uchifuji-sensei taking a trip to HugMan, where he is looking for disposable nappies. Needless to say, he is very nervous about becoming a father. When he realises that Shintarou is Hana’s father, he pretty much begs to be taught how to be a father.


Shintarou has Uchifuji-sensei work at HugMan for his training – and they are joined by Charaleet

Shintarou puts Uchifuji-sensei through his paces by putting him to work at HugMan. Charaleet also happenss to show up, and he ends up helping out as well.

Charaleet and Harry

Harry gets a bit distracted from buying lunch

Harry ends up joining them as well, mostly because he wants to outdo Charaleet. They manage to work pretty well together, despite their animosity towards each other. When Uchifuji-sensei is asked to hold Hugtan, things don’t really go too well.

Homare, Hana, Yuka and Saaya

Yuka goes into labour

Whilst that is happening at HugMan, Hana, Saaya and Homare volunteered to go and help Yuka – Uchifuji-sensei’s other half – at her home. Yuka goes into labour. Saaya accompanies her to the hospital, whilst Homare calls Uchifuji-sensei to let him know.

Strength of a Mother

Saaya felt a mother’s strength

Eventually everyone arrives at the hospital, where they meet the midwife that will be delivering the baby. On the way there, Saaya was holding Yuka’s hand, and from that she felt the strength of a mother. It seems to have had quite a profound effect on her.


Feels good to see EmiRuru again

There is a nervous wait as a team of midwives do their duties in order to help bring a new life into the world. Hana and Homare sit with Saaya, whilst Ruru and Emiru sit together. The others just kind of stand around – everybody is waiting.

Good News

It is good news

After waiting for what must have felt like a long time, there is some news – and good news at that. Yuka gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and there is much rejoicing.

Uchifuji family

Uchifuji family

The episode is almost done at this point, and we haven’t had our monster of the week yet. Naturally, that’s the cue for an enemy to appear – this time it is Doctor Traum.

Monster of the Week

Doctor Traum’s Wild Oshimaidaa

Hana and the others confront Doctor Traum and his Wild Oshimaidaa, transforming into PreCure as usual.


Cure Ange wants everyone to be quiet

Both PreCure and their foes are making quite a lot of noise, and Cure Ange really does not take too kindly to that. She tells everyone to be quiet, and they are – even Doctor Traum and his Wild Oshimaidaa. They try to fight as quietly as possible, at least until it is time for the final blow.

Finishing move

Probably not the quietest of attacks

PreCure claim victory, but at the price of disturbing all the sleeping babies. Doctor Traum returns to Criasu Corp after the defeat of the Wild Oshimaidaa, where Gelos calls him out on being quiet when the enemy told him to.

Traum and Ruru

Doctor Traum considers himself Ruru’s father

That pretty much brings this episode to an end, and it sure is nice having Hugtto! PreCure back after its break. There wasn’t exactly much focus on the main cast in this episode, what with it focusing more on Uchifuji-sensei.
Saaya also got a bit more focus, which was nice – out of all the girls, she is probably the one who needs it most as things currently stand.

This episode was all right, I guess. It doesn’t really stand above some of the episodes that have come before, but it wasn’t a bad one, either. For me, the most interesting thing to come from this episode was Doctor Traum calling himself Ruru’s father – presumably this will lead into something in the future.

Next episode looks like it will be a case of puppy love.

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