Cells at Work Episode 6: Natural Killer

The sixth episode of Cells at Work! has Red Blood Cell reminiscing about her youth, followed by the appearance of a rather unusual cell.



The episode opens with Red Blood Cell getting lost – what else? She ends up at the Red Bone Marrow, which is the home of the blood cells. It is there that red blood cells are born as progenitor cells, grow into cells called erythroblasts and are raised by macrophages. Seeing all the young cells gets Red Blood Cell reminiscing.



Red Blood Cell thinks back to her school days – even then she was still getting herself lost. The erythroblasts practice transporting oxygen, but the young Red Blood Cell – or just Erythroblast, I suppose – manages to hit practically every dead end. She gets pretty upset, but Macrophage helps settle her down.


Macrophage isn’t always about bloody violence

After that, Macrophage enlists the help of a Neutrophil so the Erythroblasts can practice running away from any bacteria that might invade the body. Erythroblast is concerned about getting lost, but fortunately she has a friend.


Sure enough, the erythroblasts are cute

Macrophage tells Neutrophil to start, and he immediately assumes the role of a bacteria and utterly terrifies the erythroblasts. They make a run for it – and sure enough the young Red Blood Cell gets lost.
She is pretty tearful about her situation, but catching some of some other red blood cells hard at work helps to settle her down a little.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Erythroblast is cornered by Pseudomonas

Because Red Blood Cell always was – and always will be – a trouble magnet, a bacterium shows up and starts tormenting her. It is Pseudomonas. Erythroblast makes a run for it, determined to stay alive.


Myelocyte protects Erythroblast

A rather familiar looking cells shows up to try and protect Erythroblast from the Pseudomonas. Unfortunately, Myelocyte can’t really do anything. However, he refuses to hand over Erythroblast to his foe.

Bacterium eliminated

Neutrophil Teacher eliminates the Pseudomonas

Neutrophil Teacher saves both Erythroblast and Myelocyte. Both are pretty tearful, and as they part ways Erythroblast asks if they will meet again. Myelocyte doesn’t know, but he says that they could possibly bump into each other again as they will be working in the same body.
This part ends with Red Blood Cell quite literally bumping into White Blood Cell. She entertains the possibility of White Blood Cell being that Myelocyte from her past… but what are the odds?

Weird Cell Attack

White Blood Cell fends off an odd foe

Shortly after Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell part ways, there is a commotion. A weird cell is attacking the other cells, but White Blood Cell quickly puts a stop to that. Killer T Cell shows up and says he’ll take custody of the body. He isn’t the only one to appear, though.

NK Cell

NK Cell (Natural Killer Cell)

NK Cell jumps down from above, landing on Killer T Cell. NK Cell is aware that there are other infected cells, and asks the Cell that was being attacked to lead her to them. Before that, though, Killer T Cell and NK Cell really do not get along.

Death Stare

Upsetting NK Cell seems like a very bad move

Once Killer T Cell and NK Cell have finished fighting, the two of them and White Blood Cell follow the regular Cell to an abandoned area. White Blood Cell suggests that the three of them work together, but Killer T is having absolutely none of that.
NK Cell decides that they should pair off, so she grabs their guide and leaves White Blood Cell and Killer T Cell behind.

You Knew

The Cell has been hiding something

There is a reason that NK Cell took the regular Cell aside, though. She knows that he is hiding something, and tells him to reveal his true self. This is where episode 6 ends.

This episode adapted chapters 7 and 8 of the manga.
The Erythroblasts were adorable – they certainly give the Platelets some competition when it comes to cuteness. Of course, Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell were crossing paths even before they realised it. The first segment of this episode was pretty much all around cute.

The second half goes for a different tone, more consistent with the antigen-slaying we have seen before. Actually, the next episode will be adapting one of my favourite chapters from the manga.
This episode serves as a lead in to that next part, and it was pretty enjoyable. We got the introduction of NK Cell. I think her character design is great – but I pretty much think that about all of the cells we see.
Her rivalry with Killer T Cell does lend itself to some funny moments, but I imagine it is the regular Cell’s secret that people are most intrigued about from this episode. I know what to expect, and I am excited to see it animated.

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