Cells at Work! Episode 4: Eosinophil

If you are not careful about what you eat, you might end up with food poisoning. This is exactly what the cells have to contend with in the fourth episode of Cells at Work!, which also introduces a new cell.


A certain type of White Blood Cell struggles against a germ

This episode of Cells at Work! introduces another type of White Blood Cell, though it turns out that she is rather ineffective at fighting off germs.

White Blood Cell attacks

White Blood Cell intervenes

Fortunately, White Blood Cell is nearby and he quickly rushes over to the scene. After doing his thing, he greets the other White Blood Cell; she is Eosinophil.


Eosinophil knows White Blood Cell as they grew up in the same bone marrow

The other cells are quick to complain about Eosinophil’s poor job, though White Blood Cell does attempt to lecture them. However, Eosinophil stops him.
Their problems don’t end there, though. Tremors shake the body, with bacteria arriving in the stomach. White Blood Cell and Eosinophil immediately head over.


Another type of White Blood Cell; Basophil

On the way there, White Blood Cell and Eosinophil encounter Basophil. Basophil has a grandiose way of talking, even when he just means simple things like too much bacteria has invaded for stomach acid to deal with it. White Blood Cell and Eosinophil go on ahead.

Enteritis Vibrio

Enteritis Vibrio – or Vibrio Parahaemolyticus if you go with the manga’s translation

White Blood Cell and Eosinophil confront the germ – Eosinophil proves about as useful as a chocolate fireguard… When it grabs one of the Red Blood Cells, Eosinophil charges it in an attempt to save them, but that quickly backfires. White Blood Cell ends up luring it, and it eats him.

Defeated from the inside

White Blood Cell bursts out from inside the germ

White Blood Cell defeats the germ with relative ease by cutting it open from the inside. The other cells’ reactions to the blood covered White Blood Cell bursting out of the germ is pretty amusing.
The germ may be defeated, but a threat still remains.


Parasite Anisakis

A parasite has invaded the body. Just its voice alone is enough to blast White Blood Cell away – the Neutrophils don’t stand a chance against. Fortunately, there is a cell who is equipped specifically to kill parasites.

Eosinophil attacks

Eosinophil attacks the parasite

Whilst Eosinophil isn’t exactly equipped to take care of germs like the Neutrophils, it is her job to kill parasites when they invade the body.

Eosinophil's job

Eosinophil does her job

The threat to the body is eliminated, and the other cells are much more appreciative of Eosinophil after seeing her in action. Eosinophil quite enjoys the attention, though she wouldn’t openly admit it.

I was looking forward to this episode due to Eosinophil’s introduction, and it more or less delivered. Probably could have done without the repeated animation of the cells running around in a panic, but it is what it is.
This episode adapted chapter 5 of the manga, and as has been the case so far, it has been a faithful adaptation. This episode added Mast Cell – she doesn’t appear in this chapter in the manga.

An all around enjoyable episode, and I’m happy I finally got to see Eosinophil in action.

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