Harukana Receive Episode 4: Minsa Pattern

With a tournament coming up, Haruka and Kanata get some training in order to prepare. They’ll also need matching swimsuits, so a little shopping trip is in order.The episode starts with Haruka officially transferring into Kanata’s school. Naturally, she’s in the same class.


Haruka introduces herself

A couple of the other students approach Haruka after class, but she has other things on her mind – mostly to do with beach volleyball. Kanata goes outside to practice pokeys, whilst Haruka is left wondering how she can become closer to Kanata.

Haruka talks to Claire

Haruka asks Claire how she can grow closer to Kanata

Claire shows up, and Haruka gets to talking to her. Haruka says she is worried that Kanata doesn’t trust her. Claire says that just looking at Emily’s back keeps her calm, even during tough matches. The first step to building trust is to practice, so that’s exactly what the four girls do next.

Blocking practice

Haruka practices blocking by jumping a lot

On the court, Claire goes over how Haruka and Kanata should divide the court between them during a match, and that is followed by a round of practice jumps. As Haruka jumps over and over again, Claire notices that there is a slight problem.


Claire kept catching flashes of what is underneath Haruka’s swimsuit

With Haruka jumping around a lot, it turns out that her bottoms are quite loose. Apparently a pretty common problem, even Emily suffers it from time to time – though Emily doens’t let that go unchallenged, with a swift beach volleyball to Claire’s face. After that revelation about her swimsuit, Haruka grabs Kanata and makes a hasty retreat.

New and improved

The new and improved Oozora and Higa pair return

It isn’t made clear what actually happened between Haruka and Kanata during their brief absence, but whatever happened was quite embarrassing for Kanata. Moving on from that, it’s time for a shopping trip. After all, the pairs of girls will need matching swimsuits for their upcoming tournaments.

Swimsuit shopping

Swimsuit shopping

The girls hit the town, and start shopping for new swimsuits. Of course, Claire chooses on that Emily absolutely refuses to wear, whilst Haruka goes for a cute one with frills. Turns out the frills can get in the way when having to wear a number, so her choice is a little impractical.
After trying on some swimsuits, the girls go and get a drink. Haruka did pick out a swimsuit she liked, though Kanata was a little uncomfortable with it. However, Kanata is willing to put that aside, as Haruka has her mind set on it. Haruka and Kanata rush back to the shop.

Girl on the Escalator

No doubt this girl on the escalator is going to be somewhat important later on

When they arrive at the shop where Haruka found the swimsuit she liked, they find that two other girls have taken an interest in it as well.

Ai and Mai

Ai and Mai

These two girls, Ai and Mai, are also looking for matching swimsuits. They too play beach volleyball, and they will be entering an upcoming tournament. Unfortunately for Haruka, she loses the swimsuits in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Kanata is relieved, especially when Haruka says that they should go with the swimsuit she picked out first.
After picking up the swimsuits they wanted, Haruka and Kanata meet up with Emily and Claire, and they all return to Kanata’s place for some food.

Minsa pattern

Haruka shows off her new swimsuit, with an added ‘minsa pattern’

Before returning home, Haruka made a quick detour. She had a minsa pattern added to her and Kanata’s swimsuits – a traditional Okinawan pattern that means “forever”. However, there is also a second meaning to it. You give it to someone as a declaration of love.

Haruka loves Kanata

Haruka loves Kanata

Haruka is surprised to discover the other meaning of the minsa pattern, but that is perfectly fine for her. After all, she does love Kanata, and even says as much to her. That ends up being a little too much for Kanata to handle.

Narumi and Ayasa

Narumi and Ayasa are as close as ever

We briefly check in with Narumi, who gets a text message. As she reads it she smiles, and Ayasa enters the room wondering what has got her so happy. Turns out that Emily feels that she was able to keep the promise Narumi asked of her a little while ago.

Give her the push she needs

Narumi asks Emily a favour regarding Kanata

Going back to the past a bit, Narumi knew that she was going to end up with a partner other than Kanata for beach volleyball. As such, she had a favour to ask Emily. She simply asked Emily to give Kanata the push she needed when she returned to the court. I think it is safe to say mission successful for that now.
Emily tells all this to Kanata, all whilst taking her to the court where Haruka and Claire are practicing in secret.

Your level

Haruka wanted to practice in order to move closer to Kanata’s level

Haruka’s injured hands don’t escape Kanata’s notice, and she tells Haruka that she should’ve talked about it with her first. Since they are partners now, she wants Haruka to take responsibility.
With Haruka, Kanata, Claire and Emily gathered at the court, they decide to have a practice match. This is where the episode ends.

This was a great episode, particularly with the way in which Haruka and Kanata are becoming ever closer and closer. The minsa pattern on the swimsuits was an absolutely wonderful moment, particularly with Haruka’s confession of love. HaruKana make a very good pair – no wonder the show is named after them.

Some new characters were also introduced – I imagine Ai and Mai will be future rivals for Haruka and Kanata to compete against, and the girl on the escalator is someone that I am pretty eager to learn more about.
Ai and Mai may have only had a brief appearance, but they were amusing enough. That’s something I really like about Harukana Receive – the characters have been really fun, for the most part.

So an all round fun episode, with some very delightful HaruKana moments.

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    We have gay twins, gay cousins, a gay boss couple and now gay mid-bosses. Keep ’em coming doods!

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