Hugtto! PreCure Episode 25: Secret Revealed

In this episode of Hugtto PreCure!, the girls go to a summer festival. There, a secret that Harry has been keeping is revealed.

Summer Festival

Hana and friends at the summer festival

This episode starts with Emiru and Ruru refusing to join Pupple’s talent agency. We also see Homare getting ready for the summer festival.
At the festival, everyone enjoys the various activities on offer.

Masato & Henri

Masato and Henri enjoy the festival together

Not enough fun

Ruru feels like she hasn’t had enough fun

As the sun starts to set, Ruru says that she hasn’t nearly enjoyed herself enough yet. Emiru, Hana and Saaya all go back with her, whilst Harry takes Hugtan and goes to find a spot to watch the fireworks. Homare accompanies them as well.

Homare, Hugtan and Harry

Homare and Harry take the opportunity to tell each other a little bit about themselves

Homare and Harry end up talking about themselves. Harry reveals that he never knew his parents – as far as he knows, he is an orphan. In the future, he lived in a little nook with others like them, and just managed to get by day to day.
Homare opens up about her parents as well – they divorced when she was younger. She took up ice skating when her dad was still around, but her mum said it was fine to keep at it.
This conversation between Homare and Harry is soon interrupted, though.


Bishin appears

Bishin shows up, and she targets Harry. Harry gives Hugtan to Homare, and makes a run for it. Bishin chases after him, and Homare follows as well.
Bishin eventually catches Harry, just as Homare and the other girls arrive. Bishin reveals that Harry used to be employed by Criasu Corporation.

Harry's True Form

Bishin unleashes Harry’s true form

Harry was headhunted by Criasu Corporation, together with Bishin. When he was there, they modded him and Bishin reveals his true form. She then has Harry attack PreCure – naturally, they transform.

Cure Etoile

Cure Etoile confronts the transformed Harry

Harry proves to be a tough opponent, but Cure Etoile steps up to confront him. She says that Harry being a former Criasu Corporation employee doesn’t matter, and even shakes off his attacks like they’re nothing. Of course, PreCure want to save Harry, and there’s only way to do that: with their finishing move.

Etoile and Harry

Harry returns to his hamster form

PreCure’s feelings get through, and Harry reverts to his hamster form. He tells Bishin that he is on the side of PreCure, and will fight to defeat the Criasu Corporation. Bishin has no intention of giving up on Harry, but she retreats for now.
As the fireworks start, this episode ends.

Well, might as well start with what I think about the Harry and Homare stuff. It is undeniably there, but I don’t have any strong feelings about it regardless. It does bring to mind Yes! PreCure 5 – and that is one of the only iterations of PreCure I actively despise. However, Harry is a much more likeable character than the fairies from that season. Also, I’m far too busy focusing on EmiRuru.

After having several hints dropped, Harry’s secret finally comes to light. It’s… well, it’s about what I expected. Aside from Harry’s true form – that was a surprise. Presumably Bishin also has similar forms.
With Bishin not giving up on Harry, I suspect there will be betrayal towards the end. Most likely Bishin will turn against Criasu Corporation, but if it goes the other way and Harry betrays PreCure… very unlikely, but I’m not going to write it off entirely. After all, this is the season that has given us a baby in a coma, Ruru completely shutting down and suicide imagery.

This episode was pretty good. Not the best that Hugtto! PreCure has to offer, but it wasn’t bad either.

Next time, Saaya finally gets to be relevant again.

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1 Response to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 25: Secret Revealed

  1. OG-Man says:

    Was more interested in the reveals than the HomaHarry stuff but you already knew that.

    Also surprised I’m invested in Emiru’s Brother and Henri. Will “IT” happen?

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