Cells at Work! Episode 3: Naive Cell

The third episode of Cells at Work! shows us what the cells have to contend with when an influenza virus invades the body.Naive T CellThis time around, it is not Red Blood Cell who is getting into trouble. Rather, our focus here is on Naive T Cell. He’s on patrol when he happens upon infected cells.

Influenza VirusThe cells have been infected by the Influenza virus, and Naive T Cell is something of a coward. Fortunately, White Blood Cell soon arrives to start eliminating the infected cells.

MacrophageWhite Blood Cell isn’t the only one who arrives to deal with the infected cells. Joining the fray is also Macrophage, who wipes out a whole group of infected cells without so much as breaking a sweat.
Afterwards. Macrophage identifies it as a type B virus, and notifies each organ through Dendritic Cell. This means that the Killer T Cells will soon arrive to help out.
Before they arrive, Naive T Cell asks White Blood Cell and Macrophage to tell the Killer T Cells that he managed to defeat one zombie.

Killer T Cells

Killer T Cells

The Killer T Cells arrive, and they give Naive T Cell a hard time over getting over people to fight his battles for him. The Killer T Cells go after the other infected cells, whilst more White Blood Cell reinforcements arrive as well.

Memory T Cell

Memory T Cell

As White Blood Cells, Macrophages and T Cells fight the infected cells, it all starts to become too much for Naive T Cell to handle. He ends up running from the battle, but soon encounters someone who is willing to help him out.

Dendritic Cell

Dendritic Cell encourages Naive T Cell

Naive T Cell cries about running away from the battle, and how his enemies are terrifying. He thinks of himself as a weakling, but it turns out that Dendritic Cell has something to show him – a glimpse into the Killer T Cells’ past.

Past of the T Cells

The Killer T Cells used to be just like Naive T Cell

Naive T Cell is surprised to learn that the Killer T Cells used to be like him. Dendritic Cell goes on to say that everyone is working together to keep the body healthy, and they are all proud of their jobs. Dendritic Cell’s encouragement sparks something inside Naive T Cell.

Effector T Cell

Naive T Cell activated and became an Effector T Cell

Dendritic Cell activated Naive T Cell, and he returns to the battlefield with a lot more confidence and strength to back it up. He also undergoes cell division – the other Killer T Cells are happy to see Naive T Cell’s growth.

B Cell

B Cell

B Cell (an antibody-producing cell) also arrives, though he goes mostly ignored. Still, his antibodies prove to be invaluable in the fight against the Influenza Virus.
With the new reinforcements, the Influenza Virus is steadily wiped out over the course of a week.
Just as Killer T Cell congratulates Effector T Cell on a job well done, another infected cell appears.

Type A Influenza Virus

Type A Influenza Virus

Unfortunately, Effector T Cell quickly discovers that this is not the same Type B Influenza Virus that everybody has been fighting until now. The fight begins anew as the episode ends.

This episode adapted chapter 3 of the manga, and so far it seems that each episode adds a small scene or two. In this case, it is the scenes with Red Blood Cell – she doesn’t actually appear in chapter 3 of the manga at all.

After watching this episode, I’m looking forward to part 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure quite a bit more now. That’s mostly courtesy of Effector T Cell, and you know, this anime is produced by David Production – the same people who produce the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime.

Whilst Naive T Cell’s growth was fun, I’m happy that we properly got to see Macrophage in action. She’s definitely up there as one of my favourite cells – her dress gives of a sense of elegance, whilst the machete she wields makes it clear that you don’t want her as an enemy.

I also love the way that a flu is portrayed as a zombie invasion within the body. Having read the manga, I can confidently say that Cells at Work! has a lot of more fun things like that coming up in its future.

A great episode. The next one introduces another one of my favourite cells, so needless to say that I am looking forward to it a great deal.

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