Hugtto! PreCure Episode 24: Power of Smiles

In the 24th episode of Hugtto! PreCure, there is a night pool party. However, it doesn’t quite live up to Hana’s expectations… some familiar faces also show up, too.

Night Pool

Hana imagines what the Night Pool will be like

The episode begins with Hana learning about an upcoming night pool event, and she is very eager to go to it. The other girls seem less enthusiastic.
When they arrive, it turns out that the Night Pool isn’t exactly what Hana was expecting.

Jaw Drop

Hana’s reaction to the Night Pool

The association president arrives, and decides to get the help of Hana and the others to prepare the Night Pool. Of course, Hana jumps at the chance, and after a quick trip to Hugman the girls get to work.

Saaya, Hugtan, Emiru and Ruru

The girls talk about how Hana always moves ahead with a smile

As the preparations are underway, the other girls talk a bit about Hana. After everything they have been through recently, Hana has been leading the way with a smile – and they are grateful for that.


Bishin is given the role of Customer Specialist at Criasu Corporation

Over at Criasu Corporation, a New System is put into place. Gelos is the new General Manager, Bishin joins as Customer Specialist, and Reestor will continue to be the director’s administrative assistant. Of course, the president is Kurai, whilst Traum is the advisor.

Party Time

The girls dive into the pool

With all the preparations complete, Hana and the others finally get to dive in. Lots of familiar faces also join the party, including Hana’s teacher – who is expecting a baby.

Charaleet and Homare

Charaleet shows up

Turns out that Charaleet has been working on online videos, and just recently managed to reach a new personal best when it comes to his number of viewers: 283. Charaleet isn’t the only familiar face to show up, either.


Pupple is there, too

Charaleet and Pupple are no longer with Criasu Corporation, so the girls don’t have anything to worry about. After those two have said their bit, they wander off somewhere. Hana swims around, seeing everybody enjoying themselves. She then recalls what Kurai said to her before, and it clearly shook her.


Hana puts on a brave face

Hana tries to forget about it and cheer herself on, but she doesn’t exactly do a convincing job of that.


Gelos and her underlings watch over the Night Pool

Gelos is able to collect some toge-power from the Night Pool. Before we get to the monster of the week, though, Ruru and Emiru sneak off together.

Emiru and Ruru

Emiru and Ruru perform

They went and changed into their stage outfits, as they perform at the Night Pool. During their performance, Gelos summons a Wild Oshimaidaa.

Monster of the Week

Gelos’ Wild Oshimaidaa

There is a panic, and Hana finds herself barely able to move – it seems that Kurai has instilled quite a lot of fear into her. However, for Ruru and Emiru, the show must go on.

Power of Rock

The power of rock

Ruru and Emiru’s performance generates lots of asu-power, and even restores Hana’s lost confidence. Gelos has the Oshimaidaa attack, and that’s when the girls counter as PreCure.
Yell, Ange and Etoile demonstrate the strength of everyone’s smiles, whilst Ma Cherie and Amour get to use their own special attacks before defeating the Wild Oshimaidaa.

Emiru, Pupple and Ruru

Pupple has something she wants to ask Emiru and Ruru

After the dust settles and everyone goes back to enjoying the Night Pool, Charaleet and Pupple reveal that they have started a new talent agency called Positive Tomorrow Productions. They want Ruru and Emiru to be their first clients. Also, there is one more member who works at Positive Tomorrow Productions.


Turns out that Daigan survived

That brings this episode to a close, and it had some really good stuff going for it. Hana’s struggle is interesting to watch – she’s leading everyone with a smile, but it seems like things might end up proving to be too much for her.

Ruru and Emiru remain as great as ever – their performance was amazing, and their new special moves are good too. Having them sign up to a talent agency is something I do like the idea of – even more so when that talent agency is made up of former Criasu Corporation employees. Oh, and Daigan’s still alive. Good for him, I guess.

Overall, a pretty good episode. I wonder how long Hana can go before it all becomes too much for her. Should that ever happen, though, she’s definitely got a good set of friends she can count on.

Next time, the inevitable Homare and Harry episode. A few hints have been dropped in previous episodes about Harry’s past – I guess that will be revealed in episode 25.

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2 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 24: Power of Smiles

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  2. OG-Man says:

    Best swimsuit body was Pupple’s. No surprise there.

    EmiRuru once again blowing everyone away. Such a sweet couple and great superheroines. Very interested in seeing how they’ll do being managed by Pupple, Charaleet and maybe Daigan.

    Hana’s trauma is being handled quite well. Hopefully it will end the same way Uzuki’s did in Cinderella Girls. I think you have an idea what I’m getting at. Thanks go to cirno9fan for bringing up the similarities between Hana and Uzuki’s emotional struggles.

    As for the Homare X Harry stuff, it’s cool. Let het shippers have their fun. Also it’ll be interesting to learn more about Harry’s more than likely connection to the Dark Corporation.

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