Cells at Work! Episode 2: True Professionals

I am sure at some point in your life, you have fallen and scraped your knee, or elbows, or whatever. Perhaps you stuck a plaster on it, or just left the wound alone and didn’t give it much thought afterwards.
However, this episode of Cells at Work! shows us exactly what the cells have to contend with when that happens.


The Platelets are just as adorable as ever

We begin with a peaceful day in the body, and Red Blood Cell getting lost. She ends up running into her senpai, who happens to be going to the same place. The two decide to go together, and on the way there they see the Platelets transporting something.
After watching the Platelets carefully make their way down some steps, Red Blood Cell and her senpai continue on. Red Blood Cell mentions how peaceful things have been lately – and sure enough, that’s the cue for some trouble to start.

Scrape Wound

A hole – or rather, an abrasion – opens up

Blood cells end up getting pulled into the hole – fortunately for Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell shows up to save her – and a couple of other Red Blood Cells. However, with the abrasion, it is not just falling out they have to worry about.

Staphylococcus Aureus

Staphylococcus Aurea leads a group of germs into the body

Germs make their way into the body, led by Staphylococcus Aurea. White Blood Cell remains behind to fight the germs, and he tells Red Blood Cell and her senpai to make a run for it.
They do so, but a couple of germs pursue them.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa & Streptococcus Pyogenes

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Streptococcus Pyogenes

The Red Blood Cells make a run for it, but end up coming across a venous valve. Unfortunately for them, the valve is closed so they end up being left at the mercy of the two germs. Help soon arrives, though.

White Blood Cells

The White Blood Cells arrive to help the Red Blood Cells

White Blood Cells wipe out the germs, and then Red Blood Cell points them in the direction of the abrasion. Meanwhile, the main White Blood Cell continues to fight the germs.

White Blood Cell

Just White Blood Cell doing his thing

White Blood Cell realises that the germ are up to something, though he can’t quite put his finger on what. They could have run deeper into the body, but instead they are focusing on fighting the White Blood Cells.


Staphylococcus Aurea done her research on the different types of blood cells

It turns out Staphylococcus Aurea done some research before invading the body, and knows that Neutrophils are the first to respond to bacteria entering a wound. Macrophages and Monocytes come later, and then you have Lymphocytes. However, there is one type of blood cell that she overlooked. True professionals with the power to completely turn the tables on her. These fearsome blood cells?

The Platelets

None other than the Platelets

With the cover of the White Blood Cells, the Platelets quickly get to work sealing up the wound. With the threat of falling gone, the White Blood Cells are free to do their thing.

Eliminating the Enemy

White Blood Cell eliminates the enemy

White Blood Cell ends up falling onto the fibrin that the Platelets put up to patch the wound. Red Blood Cell finds her way over to him, as she wants to thank him.

Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell

Red Blood Cell thanks White Blood Cell for protecting her

Both Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell end up getting stuck on the fibrin. When a hole opens up in a blood vessel, the bodies of cells are used to plug up the wound until the cells making up the outer wall can be healed.

Secondary Thrombosis

The blood cells have to stay like this for around three days

This episode adapted chapter 4 of the manga, and again it added an extra scene – the one where the Platelets were washing the fibrin. Other than that, everything else is lifted directly from the manga. Even Crunchyroll’s subtitles are in line with the manga’s English translation, which is nice.

This episode – and the fourth chapter of the manga – is certainly a favourite of mine. I absolutely love the way the White Blood Cell tells Staphylococcus Aurea about the Platelets, making them seem like some powerful threat.
The scene was great in the manga, but the anime has the advantage of giving it background music as well and that just makes it even better. It helps that the Platelets are absolutely adorable, too.

I only have praise for this show; it is providing a very faithful adaptation of the manga, and making good scenes ever better. I guess some might find the occasional CG a little off-putting, but it really does not bother me.

Having read the manga, I expected this to be a good episode. It definitely met my expectations, and I suspect that will continue to be the case for the rest of this season.

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