Octopath Traveler Traveler’s Compendium Edition Unboxing

I’m back with yet another addition to my ever-expanding collection of things that I don’t really need but will buy anyway. This time, it is Octopath Traveler Traveler’s Compendium Edition – Octopath Traveler being a Switch-exclusive JRPG from Square Enix.
I’m totally giving the game away here, but this will be my game of the month, so I’ll talk a bit more about it in that post when I get around to it.
Here, I will simply focus on what is included within the Traveler’s Compendium Edition.img_20180713_165715.jpgWe’ll start with a look at the box that contains everything. Well, I say box – it is more like a book. There’s a very good reason for that, but I’ll get to that in due time. First, though, anybody who buys Octopath Traveler – be it the regular or Traveler’s Compendium edition – from the Nintendo Official UK Store will also get a set of collectable cards.img_20180713_172751.jpgThere are eight cards, each one featuring one of the heroes from Octopath Traveler. The art looks great – actually, looking great is a consistent theme with Octopath Traveler.
Moving on, we can start taking a look at the items found within the Traveler’s Compendium Edition.img_20180713_170315.jpgMight as well start with the game itself. Seen above is the front cover of the case. Primrose really stands out amongst the cast, what with her wearing bright red clothes.img_20180713_170412.jpgOn the inside of the case, you can see the Switch cartridge. The inner sleeve also has artwork featuring all eight of the heroes on their journey. I always like when the inside doesn’t just have blank white space.

Next, we have a Leaf Coin replica – the currency used in Orsterra, the world that Octopath Traveler is set in. I’ve included pictures of both sides.IMG_20180713_170011IMG_20180713_170035Also included is a double-sided world map of Orsterra. Obviously, there is a map on one side, whilst the other features the eight heroes presumably discussing where they intend to travel to next.

Finally, for this last part, I struggled to get actually decent pictures so you’re going to have to put with what I did manage to get. The Traveler’s Compendium effectively being a book is because it pretty much is; it is an eight page pop-up book.img_20180713_171601-e1531512864184.jpgIMG_20180713_171750IMG_20180713_171833IMG_20180713_171945IMG_20180713_172141IMG_20180713_172303IMG_20180713_172330IMG_20180713_172418Each of the eight pages features a scene from the first chapter of each heroes’ story. Taking pictures of each one wasn’t exactly easy, let me tell you that.

So that it is everything for Octopath Traveler Traveler’s Compendium Edition, and I really like the way it is all presented. The pop-up book recreating the scenes from the game exactly as they appear is something I like a lot. Octopath Traveler does look incredibly good, after all.

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