Hugtto! PreCure Episode 21: Gloomy Guitar

In episode 21 of Hugtto! PreCure, Emiru is very eager to fulfil her new role – perhaps a little too eager.

D'aaw, bing pwaah

The most important thing for PreCure: D’aww. Bwing. Pwaah.

With Ruru and Emiru joining the ranks of PreCure as Cure Amour and Cure Ma Cherie respectively, they ask the other three what is most important for PreCure. Hana gives a typical Hana answer, and Saaya and Homare interpret that to mean fellowship. PreCure aren’t the only ones getting new additions to their team.


Gelos joins Criasu Corporation

Gelos joins the management team at Criasu Corporation. It is also made ever clearer that the president of the company is not exactly what he seems.


Emiru is ready to transform over the smallest thing

Moving on, Harry’s shop becomes quite busy and the girls help out. When a woman panics about losing her purse, Emiru misunderstands and thinks her bag is a threat. She almost transforms into PreCure, but Homare puts a halt to that. Harry asks Emiru to run an errand for him – he needs her to buy nappies, milk and various other things for Hugtan. Emiru isn’t too eager to go, until Harry tells her that she will be patrolling the time at the same time.


Emiru and Ruru on patrol

Much like before, Emiru is ready to transform into PreCure at the drop of a hat. However, any trouble they come across turns out to be totally inconsequential. After getting the shopping, Ruru and Emiru go and take a break. Emiru has her guitar with her, but Ruru thinks that it sounds gloomy. Emiru feels like she has been given her all, and not got anything to show for it. She ends up running off, leaving Ruru to return to Harry’s shop alone.


Ruru felt anger towards Emiru

Ruru talks to Hana and Saaya about Emiru. She reveals that she feels a little anger towards Emiru, and worries that she has become her enemy. However, Hana tells her that the frustration she feels is because she loves Emiru.

Homare and Harry

Homare and Harry find Emiru

Homare and Harry end up finding Emiru, and ask what happened. Emiru tells them she got angry and took it out on Ruru, and now she feels unfit to be PreCure. However, Homare asks which made Emiru happier: becoming PreCure, or becoming PreCure together with Ruru. Harry also says that Emiru is more than qualified to be PreCure, and Hugtan agrees as well.

Ruru and Emiru

Ruru and Emiru sing together

After that, Emiru goes back to Ruru to find her attempting to put together a song. It isn’t very good. No matter, as the two are back together and they enjoy singing together.

Monster of the Week

It’s about time for an Oshimaidaa to show up

It’s time to fill that monster of the week quota once again, and Papple is the one who summons it. Ruru and Emiru are close to where it appears, so they transform and take it on. They have the upper hand at first, but then Papple powers up the Oshimaidaa when Gelos appears to belittle her.

Cure Amour and Cure Ma Cherie

Cure Amour and Cure Ma Cherie

The fight continues, and Emiru’s guitar ends up getting caught in the battle. The Oshimaidaa breaks it when it tries to attack Amour, but Ma Cherie saves her. She can’t do the same for the guitar, though.

Yell, Ange and Etoile

Yell, Ange and Etoile join the battle

Hana and the others arrive, making this the first time that all five Cures have fought together. As you might expect, the Oshimaidaa doesn’t last much longer after that. Once it is defeated, both Gelos and Papple leave.

Broken Guitar

Cure Amour blames herself for what happened to Emiru’s guitar

Amour feels that she is the one to blame for the guitar getting broken. However, Ma Cherie says that as long as she is able to protect Amour, that is all that really matters. Ma Cherie than asks the other Cures to hand over their Melody Swords so it will be easier for her to protect those precious to her.
Yell and the others aren’t giving up their Melody Swords, but it seems that Hugtan has something in mind. She doesn’t produce new Melody Swords out of thin air; no, instead, she somehow warps in two girls that long time PreCure fans will be very familiar with.

Cure Black and Cure White

Cure Black and Cure White

This is exactly where the episode ends, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see what the OG Cures have in store for us.

You know, every week I watch Hugtto! PreCure and think that it has peaked. Every week, this show manages to prove me wrong. It can’t keep getting better all the time, but for the moment that is definitely the case.
We got more EmiRuru goodness from this episode, and that makes me very happy. I don’t know what PreCure fans like myself have done to deserve this, but I certainly won’t complain.
Hugtto! PreCure is already a massively strong contender for my favourite anime of this year, and it hasn’t even hit the halfway point yet.
Ruru going after Emiru when she went out on patrol was absolutely adorable, and we have more of Ruru coming to terms with various emotions. Ruru’s story has been one of the strongest PreCure has ever offered, I reckon.

That brings us to what happened at the end of the episode – something that Toei seemingly managed to actually keep quiet about for once. Twitter, not so much…
Maybe Toei were making noise about it, and I just happened to completely avoid it. No matter what the case is, it is absolutely incredible to see the original generation PreCure show up – Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, AKA Cure Black and Cure White.
They are their Max Heart incarnations – you can tell because Cure Black’s midriff is covered up.
I knew that Cure Black and Cure White would be appearing in the upcoming Hugtto! PreCure film, but didn’t expect to see them in the TV series. I hope that they bring their opening theme along as well, as it is one of my favourites from within the entire franchised – rivaled only by Splash Star‘s opening theme.

The current plot of Hugtto! PreCure has been impressive, and now the hype levels shoot up with the arrival of the two characters that started it all. Take notes, HappinessCharge PreCure! – this is how you celebrate a milestone anniversary.

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1 Response to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 21: Gloomy Guitar

  1. OG-Man says:

    More EmiRuru loving is always a good thing. Ruru’s amazing, Emiru’s wonderful and their romance is GLORIOUS! MiraLiko might have met their match if this keeps up.

    This video sums up my reaction to the big surprise.

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