Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 11: Undo the Knot

In the 11th episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, LLENN is overcome with hesitation as she realises the magnitude of the task she has sworn to do. Luckily for her, she has allies that are willing to help her out.

Pitohui vs MMTM

Pitohui’s Photon Sabre has a rather useful feature

The episode begins with Pitohui fighting against Team MMTM, and utterly slaughtering them. Two of the members are able to put up a little resistance, but in the end Pito effortlessly kills them.


LLENN becomes hesitant after seeing Pitohui in action

With Pitohui slaughtering the six members of MMTM who charged in, LLENN has no idea what she should do next. As she is panicking about that, Team SHINC and Fukaziroh both make the decision to just charge in headfirst. Before Fuka goes, though, she has a little gift for LLENN.


Fuka ties LLENN’s laces to one of her grenade launchers

LLENN is left with no choice but to stay behind, as she tries to free her foot. As Team SHINC charges in, they are picked off one by one by M.


Eva is the last surviving member of her team

Eventually Team SHINC dwindles down to just one person, and that is Eva. Ultimately, M eliminates her as well. As for Pitohui, she has Fukaziroh in her sights.

Wounded Fuka

Pitohui snipes Fuka’s hands and feet

Fuka contacts LLENN and says that she is no longer able to move. However, she has no regrets or misgivings. LLENN, on the other hand, wishes she had killed Pitohui earlier. Having cut her laces by this point, LLENN decides to no longer hesitate.


LLENN intends to kill her foe, no matter what

LLENN charges out from her cover, P-chan in hand. She is going to kill Pitohui, though she has no idea how. As the audience watch this event unfold, they realise that this is the same LLENN they saw during the first Squad Jam.


Even P-chan is there for LLENN

LLENN’s strategy for killing Pitohui is to run away. Pitohui decides to abandon the wounded Fuka in favour of chasing after LLENN. LLENN can run at the same speed as a car, so Pito decides to use a car to chase her down – M drives whilst Pitohui focuses on shooting at LLENN.


“Drive closer! I want to hit her with my sword!”

Turns out that LLENN wasn’t retreating, but luring M and Pitohui to somewhere else. She is able to trick M into driving over a ledge and into a river. Unfortunately, it is only a shallow river, so LLENN finds herself with a car rapidly approaching her.


LLENN jumps over the vehicle

LLENN jumps over the vehicle, and tries shooting Pitohui. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to to hit an enemy when you are in mid-air. She is then left at the mercy of Pitohui, who manages to hit her with a shot. LLENN falls into the water, where her HP steadily decreases.

Fuka arrives

Bet Pitohui regrets not finishing off Fuka

Just as it seems that LLENN will have to give up, Fuka shows up. She picks LLENN up – in every sense, she even wonders if the virtual world has any love hotels – and then we get a car chase sequence.


This amuses me a lot

The car chase goes straight throw an area where several geysers are erupting. With both cars running out petrol, they ram each other. Both LLENN and Pitohui are thrown from the cars, and LLENN dashes straight towards Pitohui whilst taking fire from her.

Badass LLENN

This is a great shot of LLENN

LLENN stamps on Pito’s face, and then kick the guns out of her hands. Pito tells LLENN that she is irresistible, and that she wants to kill her.

Unfortunately, that is where this episode ends. Still, I enjoyed this episode a lot. After building up the inevitable confrontation between LLENN and Pitohui, I have to say that it has delivered so far.
It took the sacrifice of Team SHINC for LLENN to get her head back in the game, but I’m glad she did. You know LLENN’s quite the opponent when even someone like Pitohui doesn’t want to risk getting too close even when she is down.
LLENN is great in this episode, but we definitely should show some appreciation for Fukaziroh as well. Even with the intense battle against Pitohui, Fuka manages to still be a fun character. Her arrival in her ‘souped-up super car’ was pretty amusing.

As for LLENN, it would have been much easier for her to take her boot off. I’m going to assume that because of what she saw Pitohui do, she wasn’t thinking clearly and that’s why she didn’t even consider that course of action.
At least she cast her doubts aside and gave some spectacular action. I look forward to seeing how her fight with Pitohui concludes.

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