Hugtto! PreCure Episode 20: You Can’t Always See Miracles

The 20th episode of Hugtto! PreCure is one that I – and a few other fellow PreCure fans – have very much been looking forward to. Let’s just dive right in and see if it was worth the wait.


Hana attempts to make one PreHeart into two

The previous episode ended with Hana and Ruru saying that they wanted to work hard in order to become PreCure together. However, there is only one PreHeart, which presents a bit of problem. It would take a miracle for both Ruru and Emiru to become PreCure.


Hana caught a fever

Later on, Hana catches a fever after falling asleep outside as she attempted to wish on a falling star for a miracle to happen. She stays at home from school, which causes quite some concern amongst her fellow students.

Ice Skating

Homare takes Emiru ice skating

With Hana out of commission for now, Homare and Saaya decide that they should cheer Emiru and Ruru up. Homare takes Emiru ice skating, and tells her that she once gave up on that. However, she got back into it after meeting Hana and Saaya.

Saaya and Ruru

Ruru accompanies Saaya whilst she practices for her audition

Ruru tells Saaya that she loves Emiru, but she doesn’t want to give up on her dream of becoming PreCure with her. Saaya tells her that she shouldn’t give up on her dream, as that kind of feeling cannot be contained.

Concert Tickets

Emiru receives concert tickets from her brother

Moving on, Emiru’s brother shows that he has matured a little and gives Emiru a pair of concert tickets. He tells her to take Ruru. It seems that Henri has had quite the positive influence on him.

Emiru and Ruru

Emiru eagerly tells Ruru the good news

Emiru catches up with Ruru, and reveals the ticket. She also says that her brother no longer has any problem with her playing the guitar. Both girls can barely contain their feelings, and Emiru swears to protect Ruru’s smile.

Monster of the Week

This might just be my favourite Oshimaidaa so far

Ruru and Emiru go to the concert, but it isn’t long before an Oshimaidaa attacks. The band wasn’t happy about not being able to play their own music, and that is something that Pupple took advantage of. Everyone evacuates, except for Ruru and Emiru. Fortunately for them, Hana happened to see news of the monster attack.

Cure Yell

Cure Yell arrives

With Saaya and Homare off elsewhere pursuing their dreams, Cure Yell is the only one able to come and help out. Yell fights the Oshimaidaa alone, with Ruru and Emiru watching on. As they watch, they cheer for Yell and that awakens something.


It’s happening!

Ruru and Emiru both awaken Mirai Crystals from within their hearts. However, there is still only one PreHeart, and Emiru insists that Ruru uses it. Ruru, however, remains determined to become PreCure with Emiru.

A Miracle Happens

A miracle

A miracle happens, and the one PreHeart is made into two. With both Ruru and Emiru now in possession of transformation trinkets, it is time for something that I have been eagerly anticipating.

PreCure of Love

Introducing Cure Ma Cherie and Cure Amour, the PreCure of love

The transformation sequence is amazing, and probably my favourite from within the franchise. Ruru and Emiru finally became PreCure – Cure Amour and Cure Ma Cherie respectively.
As Amour and Ma Cherie fight, they sing which gives the battle a Symphogear vibe. They defeat the Oshimaidaa with their combined power.

Futari wa PreCure

“Futari wa PreCure!” – they referenced the first season again

With the Oshimaidaa defeated, Pupple retreats. Once she is gone, Yell hugs both Amour and Ma Cherie, and that brings the episode to an end.

What an amazing episode! This was well worth the wait, and it delivered. I’ve eagerly been awaiting the moment Ruru and Emiru would become PreCure, and this episode absolutely nails it.
Ruru and Emiru’s relationship is just the purest thing, and it just makes me so happy to see how much they care for each other.
It’s nice to see that Emiru’s brother has started to mellow out due to Henri’s influence. That deserves some bonus points, but I just want to focus on the stars of this episode.

It finally happened. Cure Amour and Cure Ma Cherie debuted, and I love their transformation sequence. The battle against the Oshimaidaa was amazing as well – I’ll reiterate that it reminds me of Symphogear.
Ruru and Emiru are amazing characters, and the wait for them to become PreCure paid off very well in the end.
Hugtto! PreCure is a very strong contender for my favourite anime of this current season – and year if it is able to maintain the level of quality we’ve had during the Ruru arc.

Next time, it seems some special training is in order as Emiru decides on what kind of PreCure she wants to be.

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3 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 20: You Can’t Always See Miracles

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  2. OG-Man says:

    It was magical. Absolutely magical. The EmiRuru arc, from the PreCure shows I’ve seen, is easily one of the top two “Bonus Ranger” arcs in the franchise. The other one is Setsuna’s. Man oh man this has been amazing and EmiRuru has the potential of taking MiraLiko’s spot as my #1 PreCure couple if this keeps up. Simply amazing!

    Their combined Symphogear and Futari wa PreCure homage was spectacular!

    Speaking of couples, do you agree with my theory of Hana being a Gay Cupid?

    • Rory says:

      This episode was utterly glorious, of that there is no doubt.
      Hana is all about cheering on others, and that would include matters of the heart. I think her being a Gay Cupid would fit in with that.

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