Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 10: Operation Sweets

Teams start closing in on Team PM4 in this episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. LLENN wants to get to them first, as she has a very specific objective that she wants to achieve.

Unexpected help

Eva helps LLENN and Fuka out of a tough situation

After coming under attack from Team MMTM in the previous episode, Team SHINC arrive and end up helping out Team LF. Eva is keen to take LLENN on in a serious one-on-one battle, but LLENN refuses. Fuka then reveals what is going on with Pito, and so Eva agrees to help.

Anti M Gun

Team SHINC’s anti M gun

Team LF and Team SHINC decide to join forces, and they come up with a plan that will allow LLENN to get to Pito. The first part of the operation, which they dub ‘Operation Sweets’, involves Team SHINC closing in on M and using a gun that they have specifically brought along in order to destroy M’s shield.
Team SHINC suffers some losses, but they are able to carry out their part of the plan.


With Team SHINC distracting M, LLENN dashes straight towards Pito

The operation is actually a pincer attack, with LLENN closing in on Pito after some time has passed. Once the moment comes, she gets Fuka to launch some grenades and intend to use that that as cover to get close to Pitohui. She isn’t the only one targeting Pitohui, though.


Shirley snipes Pitohui

LLENN spots a sniper, but it is too late. She takes the shot, and successfully hits Pito. LLENN rushes over to her and kills her, but Pito’s health is steadily decreasing.

M and Pito

M tends to Pito

M is convinced that Pito is going to die, but she barely manages to hang on. However, she does go off the rails. The rest of the team call for a retreat, and they make their way into a log cabin.

LLENN is angry

LLENN is determined to kill Pitohui regardless of her health

Eva tells LLENN that Pito is still alive. LLENN wonders if it would truly count as defeating her if she was already wounded. Fortunately, LLENN decides that she will kill Pito, as that is just the way GGO goes. It’s her own fault for letting her guard down.
As LLENN makes a move, Team MMTM arrive and move into the cabin.
Inside, Pito is unconscious with M by her side. The other members of Team LM4 fight to defend them, after hearing just what Pitohui is to M.
Team MMTM are able to fight their way into the cabin, and arrive just outside the room where Pito and M are. There’s an explosion, and then they get gunned down.

Photon Sword

Darth Pitohui emerges

I’m sure everyone who watches this will make that inevitable Star Wars reference, but that is because Pitohui is wielding a lightsabre – or, rather, a Photon Sword. She eliminates a couple of the MMTM team members with it from the other side of the wall.

That brings this episode to an end. I really enjoyed all the action stuff, but I definitely could have done without the whole M and Pitohui thing.
M kisses the unconscious Pitohui during this episode, and that really doesn’t sit right for me. We know that he loves her, but there hasn’t been anything to show that she has the same feelings for him. Also, she’s unconscious. That’s pretty creepy when it comes down to it.
Hopefully that explosion means that M was eliminated from the Squad Jam, so we can focus on the important (and actually good) things next episode. Pitohui is wielding a lghtsabre, and that is pretty cool.
Also, the title of the next episode is “Psycho LLENN”, and that has got me very intrigued as to what we will be seeing next time.

As ever, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online‘s action shines out brightest, whilst the story it is trying to tell isn’t exactly compelling. Why should I care about what M feels for Pitohui? In the scenes where they are together, I don’t see much chemistry between them.
Pito just wants to focus on killing other, or being killed.

LLENN’s inevitable showdown with Pitohui draws ever closer, and I look forward to seeing how that will play out.

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