Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 6

Here’s another volume of manga I picked up from May’s London Comic Con. It is the sixth installment of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site series. Aya witnessed something horrific in the previous volume, and said horrific thing is soon approaching the magical girls in volume 6.
Volume 6 of Magical Girl Site starts with chapter 38, and runs through to chapter 43.
Magical Girl Site 6The truth hurts
Aya’s secret has been revealed and the other magical girls know who stole Nijimi’s wand: Aya’s very own brother! Now that Kaname has had a taste of the magical girls’ power, he will stop at nothing to possess all their wands. The magical girls are in for another brutal onslaught! Will they make it out alive?

This volume of the manga begins with a meeting between the Magical Girl Site administrators – there are eighteen of them, and one page is used for each. They are all equally as unsettling as Nana.

Aya’s brother, Kaname, features quite prominently throughout this volume. He is still as despicable as ever, and he manages to become even worse during the events featured in this volume.
However, one saving grace is that the story line featuring Kaname also happens to come to an end, at least for now, during this volume. He doesn’t go out quietly though – a tragic event happens during this volume.
Things look incredibly bleak, but it turns out that there is someone out there who is seemingly on the side of the magical girls… or maybe not.

The stuff concerning Kaname and his attack on the magical girls is the main focus of this volume, but we also get some stuff from after that event as well. The administrators have an ally working with them, and that is revealed during this volume.

There’s also a small scene where the manga reminds us that Makoto Honomoto exists – he does absolutely nothing of worth. Maybe he’ll end up being more important later on, but after six volumes you could easily remove him from the story with no problems. In fact, that is exactly what the anime adaptation has done.

There is a new threat facing the magical girls properly introduced in this chapter, and this particular person is just as twisted – actually, maybe even more so – as Kaname.
Whilst a new enemy appears, it seems that the girls have other allies to rely on. Kiyoharu and Kosame discuss a certain magical girl.
This volume ends up Aya having an unexpected meeting with someone she is familiar with. This person provides some unexpected help.

This volume is heavy on the tragedy, but at least Kaname doesn’t go unpunished for his actions. It may have been better had he actually been killed off, though… well, his situation by the time of the end of this volume will probably be enough to allow the magical girls to focus on the upcoming Tempest.

My favourite part of this volume is right at the end, when that unexpected ally appears to help out Aya. I can’t really talk about it without spoiling it, but I will say that it was quite an effective scene.

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