Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 9: Devil in the Smoke

As Team LF head towards their objective, they discover that they have a few foes waiting for them.
Meanwhile, a large group of enemies starts to make a move against Team PM4, having put aside their differences in order to eliminate one of the biggest threats in SJ2.

Team PM4

Pito is eager to ambush and slaughter the approaching enemies

We start with Team PM4. Having discovered that a group of enemies have put their differences aside in order to target her, Pitohui decides the best thing to do is ambush and massacre them.


Pitohui massacres her enemies with no mercy

With M acting as a decoy, Pito soon moves out. She absolutely tears through the enemy ranks, even killing one or two with her bare hands.


Pito seems quite happy after slaughtering plenty of foes

After taking care of the rank and file soldiers, there is the small matter of the leaders. Fortunately, Pitohui has just the weapon for that situation.


Pitohui’s M107A1

Pitohui snipes the leaders with her M107A1 – apparently the only one of its kind in Gun Gale Online. She is disappointed when the last one resigns, though.

Team LF

LLENN and Fuka make their way through the dome

There is a big old dome in one part of the map, and the quickest route to Team LM4 is straight through it. The interior of the dome has a savannah, which LLENN and Fuka make their way through.
Team MMTM are to the north, and that is someone LLENN would prefer to avoid for now – she is saving her bullets for Pitohui. There are also three other teams inside the dome, who are waiting for LLENN.
LLENN soon figures out that they are waiting to ambush them, so she has Fuka use a plan she wanted to save for use against Pitohui.


LLENN decides to do “that”

Fuka launches smoke grenades. The pink smoke allows LLENN to dash around, picking off the enemies by using their Bullet Lines to locate them.


LLENN is not happy about having to waste bullets

LLENN may be slaughtering the enemy, but she isn’t happy about it. She wanted to save her bullets for Pito, after all.
One enemy approaches Fuka. She tries to shoot him with a pistol, but manages to miss every shot. The enemy starts going on about how he’ll be able to grope her dead body without a harassment warning.

Don't Underestimate a Fairy

Never underestimate a fairy

Fuka’s response to that is to grab a nearby gun and bludgeon him to death.
After that, LLENN and Fuka regroup and count the casualties. They discover one foe playing dead.


The last remaining foe

This last enemy has magazines that LLENN can use for her P90. LLENN is very keen to get her hands on them. This last foe is willing to give them to LLENN, but for a price: a kiss.


LLENN agrees to the kiss, as she really want those magazines

This person with an androgynous avatar is actually a woman – she reveals she is bisexual in real life. Her name is Clarence. Clarence suggests that they meet up in real life, but that conversation is soon cut short by a hail of bullets.
Clarence sacrifices herself to save LLENN, and tells her to win.


Team MMTM close in on Team LF

After having spent too much time talking, team MMTM were able to close in on LLENN’s position.

That is where the episode ends, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see how LLENN and Fuka will respond to the situation they find themselves in.

Another good episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, as it is all about the action. Pitohui may have a few screws loose, but it was incredibly satisfying to see her tear through all of those enemies.
LLENN and Fuka didn’t disappoint, either. Fuka bludgeoning that lecherous man to death was quite the highlight.
I don’t think conserving bullets will really be an option for LLENN now, particularly with one of the stronger teams aiming right for her now. It was pretty funny to see her slaughter those foes all whilst complaining about how many bullets she had to use.
Clarence is worth mentioning as well. She may not have exactly had pure motives, but at least she was willing to sacrifice herself to help LLENN out.

These action-packed episodes are where this show shines best, and we’ve got more to come next time as well.

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