Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 22: Most Crucial Moment

The previous episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko gave us quite a bleak ending, with the Toji’s foe proving to be quite formidable. A heavy price was paid, and things probably aren’t going to get much easier…


Yukina finds herself surplus to Princess Tagitsu’s requirements

After Princess Tagitsu was able to gather all three of her pieces together, she has connected to the netherworld. With Yukina no longer being of any use to her, Princess Tagitsu tells her to leave. Yukina doesn’t take that well.

Same Feelings

Mai and the others all feel the same way Kanami does about what happened

Kanami has been acting like nothing is wrong, even though she watched Hiyori get taken away from right in front of her. When she is eating with the other Toji, they tell her that she should stop pretending she’s fine. They all share the same feelings, and they were all unable to keep their promises with Hiyori.
After crying for a bit and getting a hug from Mai, Kanami has a favour to ask.

Yukari and Yuzuki

Yukari persuaded Yuzuki to join them

Akane and the others discuss who should be director of the Sword Administration bureau when Yukari arrives. She brings along someone who took a little bit of convincing: Yuzuki. Apparently she was something of a demon back in the day. Yuzuki is given the role of commander.

Kanami's favour

Kanami wants to retrieve Kogarasumaru, Hiyori’s okatana

Just as Yuzuki is appointed commander, Kanami and the others arrive. Turns out that Kanami asked the others to go with her to get Hiyori’s okatana back. Everyone agrees to this, so they all set out.
It’s not just Kanami’s circle of friends going into battle, either. They have a few more allies.

Suzuka & Maki

Suzuka and Maki join the battle as well

Suzuka and Maki arrive to lend a hand, and Rui and Richard send the Toji new storm armour with a longer operating time. There is one more ally that will be fighting alongside Kanami too.


Yukari Origami

With everyone ready, Yuzuki calls for a start to the mission. Nene clears a path through several aradama, and the Toji advance. It isn’t long before Princess Tagitsu’s imperial army attack.
Ayumu aims to fight Kanami, but Sayaka intercepts her. Kanami and Yukari head straight towards Princess Tagitsu, whilst the others fight.

Vs Princess Tagitsu

Yukari and Kanami fight Princess Tagitsu

When Kanami and Yukari confront Princess Tagitsu, Kanami is able to feel something resonate with her okatana, Chidori. Yukari realises that this means that Hiyori is still alive – what Kanami can feel is Kogarasumaru. They start fighting her, with Kanami very keen to get Hiyori back from within Princess Tagitsu.

Yukina and Yomi

Yomi saves Yukina from the aradama

Elsewhere, Yukina is crying in a corner as she laments how the people she devoted herself to just cast her aside as if she was nothing. That is soon interrupted by a group of aradama closing in on her, but then Yomi appears and cuts down the aradama.

Sayaka vs Ayumu

Sayaka fights Ayumu

As Sayaka fights Ayumu, Ayumu wants to know why she can’t catch up to the people she looks up to. She hasn’t quite grasped the lesson that Kanami wanted to teach her before, but Sayaka is there to deliver it – even saying the same thing to Ayumu that Kanami said to her before about her soulless sword.

Emotional Strength

Kanami fights with her emotional strength

Going back to the battle against Princess Tagitsu, Yukari’s utsushi gets exhausted. Kanami, however, keeps up the offensive against Princess Tagitsu. Yukari identifies that as emotional strength, and surmises that it arose because she cares for Hiyori. Kanami’s efforts allow her to wound Princess Tagitsu. She calls out for Hiyori.

Hiyori returns

Hiyori returns

Hiyori is able to force her way out of Princess Tagitsu’s body, and she lands right on top of Kanami. They are reunited, but Princess Tagitsu has no intention of leaving the two lovebirds (her words, not mine) alone. However, Yukari saves them from being sliced in half by smashing the roof of the building they are on.
Nene catches them, and Hiyori is reunited with everyone.
The episode may end on a happy note, but Princess Tagitsu is still bringing about the end of the world.

This was an excellent episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko. Perhaps I’m just really happy that Hiyori has returned unharmed, but there were other highlights to be found in this episode as well.
Sayaka taking on Ayumu was a very good moment, and just shows how much she has changed since she first appeared. It’s like things have come full circle for her. Maybe Ayumu will now finally realise that getting stronger isn’t the only important thing.
We also had Yomi’s possible end. I guess Yukina realised that there actually was someone out there who hadn’t just cast her aside, even if she did treat Yomi pretty awfully. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded that much if Yukina had been left to the aradama. Maybe seeing what happened to Yomi will be enough for Yukina to start moving towards redemption.

Of course, the most important part of this episode was the return of Hiyori. I guessed that we would be seeing Hiyori again, and I’m happy that I was proven correct. After all, we see just how much Kanami cares for her as she fought Princess Tagitsu, and I wouldn’t want to see those two torn apart again.

With only two episodes to go, we are getting very close to the end. I imagine those last two episodes will focus on the final battle against Princess Tagitsu, and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us.

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  1. Koi says:

    My guess that Minato didn’t come to Kanami because Minato believes she’s the reason Kanami has spent so long handicapped. She stay away so that Kanami can grow up and face this problem on her own.

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