Hugtto! PreCure Episode 18: Heart

In the eighteenth episode of Hugtto! PreCure, Lulu struggles to understand the concept of heart. Fortunately, Emiru is there to help her learn just what it is.


Lulu remains a part of the Nono family

At the beginning of this episode, Lulu returns Hana’s Mum’s memories back to normal. She was worried that she would end up being kicked out of the Nono household, but that’s not the case at all. Lulu is still very much a part of their family, regardless of what she did before.


Emiru shows up at Hana’s school

When Hana, Saaya and Homare go to school next, they all receive letters asking them to go the courtyard during lunch break.
They do that, and Emiru almost outs them as PreCure in front of everybody. Fortunately, Lulu is able to move very quickly; a perk of being an android. Hana and the others quickly take Emiru to Harry’s place.

Lulu catches Emiru

Lulu keeps Emiru quiet

Once they’re at Harry’s place, Emiru reveals that she saw Hana and the others undo their PreCure transformations. She also mentions how the mouse was talking. Harry snaps at her to correct her on what he is, before realising what he had done.

A shock

Hana quite enjoys all the praise that Emiru has for PreCure

After having told the girls that she knows their secret, Emiru asks for a favour. She simply wants to spend time with the heroes during their everyday lives. Emiru and Lulu end up spending a bit of time with both Homare and Saaya. Homare is practicing her ice skating, whilst Saaya is rehearsing – both are doing things that come from their heart. Lulu doesn’t quite get what that means.


Emiru helps Hana practice for an upcoming singing test

Hana has a singing test coming up, so she gets Emiru to help her out with it. Emiru has perfect pitch; she can even identify what note a pen tapped against a mug makes.
The girls encourage Lulu to give it a try. Whilst Lulu’s tone is perfectly accurate, it does not resonate with heart.
As Lulu tries to understand what heart is, she experiences a system error and shuts down.

Become PreCure together

Emiru stays by Lulu’s side

The girls explain to Emiru that Lulu is an android from the future. When Lulu wakes up, Emiru asks her about it. Lulu shows her undeniable proof that she is an android.
However, Emiru won’t let that put her off. She insists that she and Lulu become PreCure together. Lulu doesn’t think she can, as she is an android.


Emiru gets her guitar out again

After that, Emiru wants to do something to cheer Lulu up. She decides to play a song for her, though since she isn’t sure about it she performs for Hana and the others to get their opinion first.
They tell her that the most important thing is the feelings she can get across.

Monster of the Week

This week’s Oshimaidaa

Enough of that, though, as it is about time for the monster of the week to show up. Pupple is the one who brings it along, and this episode skips the transformation sequence of PreCure.
It seems like PreCure overwhelm it fairly quickly, but this particular Oshimaidaa has a trick up its sleeve.

Oshimaidaa transformed

The Oshimaidaa transforms

The Oshimaidaa has another form that allows it to absorb the attacks from PreCure, and then fire a blast of energy. Ange and Etoile end up getting hit by the energy blast, and then the Oshimaidaa jumps onto those two and Yell in an attempt to crush them.

Best Friends

Emiru stands up for Lulu

With PreCure out of commission for the moment, Pupple taunts Lulu and calls her a heartless mechanical doll. Emiru stands up for Lulu. Pupple soon grows tired of hearing all that and commands the Oshimaidaa to crush them.

Lifting the Enemy

Ah, the old PreCure lifting a heavy foe

Yell, Ange and Etoile aren’t finished yet. They lift the Oshimaidaa, and Yell sends it straight up into the air with a punch. After that, they finish it off with PreCure Trinity Concert – we get a shortened version of the stock footage here.

Ending Song

Lulu and Emiru sing together

Instead of the usual ending theme, we are treated to Lulu and Emiru singing together. This song resonates with heart, and Lulu even sheds a tear or two.

This episode may not have been as silly as the previous Lulu and Emiru episode, but it definitely had a lot of heart. After what Lulu was made to go through previously, it’s very nice to see her just being accepted as she is and discovering what heart is.
Emiru was good in this episode, too. She stood up to Pupple, which shows that she is more than qualified to become PreCure just like she dreams.
Lulu and Emiru’s song was a great way to cap off the episode.

I’m hoping that Lulu remains an android. It’s entirely possible there’ll be a point where she becomes entirely human, but I think her story would be stronger if she remained an android. Lulu already mentioned how it is probably impossible for her to become PreCure – I think at this point everyone knows where the show is heading and just how wrong she will end up being.
Still, the lead up to the inevitable event has been very good, and delivered some of the strongest episodes PreCure has seen for a little while.

Next time, a fashion show. It also looks like a new villain will be introduced, and I’m quite keen to see what she is like.

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1 Response to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 18: Heart

  1. OG-Man says:

    I am so in favor of EmiLulu if their relationship continues to go in that direction. What a wonderful episode. The Lulu Arc/Saga continues being one of the best in the franchise.

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