Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 8: Ambush Fairy and Grenade Fairy

The eighth episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online marks the start of the second Squad Jam. LLENN and Fukaziroh have a specific goal in mind for the Squad Jam, but it isn’t going to be easy for them.

Checking the Map

LLENN and Fuka study the map

With the second Squad Jam now underway, the first thing that LLENN and Fukaziroh (who I shall be referring to as Fuka from here on out) do is to check the map and get an idea of the lay of the land.
With the first scan, LLENN discovers that Pito’s team happens to be the one that is farthest away from her. There are also plenty of enemies between them, but LLENN decides to start moving towards her target after getting a little encouragement from Fuka.
It doesn’t take them long to encounter an enemy team. As Fuka advances, she ends up setting off a trap.

Injured Fuka

Fuka winds up losing her legs

As a result, Fuka loses both her legs. LLENN drags Fuka into a safe place. In Gun Gale Online, limbs grow back in two minutes, but Fuka is a sitting duck until then. Whilst Fuka is recovering, LLENN uses that time to strike at the enemy team.

LLENN attacks

LLENN goes on the offensive

LLENN’s attack against the enemy team is impressive, though I do have to say I feel particularly sorry for the fourth guy she took down. Fuka even manages to eliminate the last foe.
Battles unfold all across the map, including a few familiar teams that have been introduced before. We are also introduced to a new character.


Shirley – I’m assuming she’ll be important, as she has a name

Shirley’s team managed to eliminate a few foes, whilst she just watched.
Whilst there are plenty of skirmishes happening across the map, there is one team that isn’t involved in any.

Team PM4

Pitohui is bored

Team PM4 are just staying put, which isn’t what Pitohui wants. However, M insists on it, and says that he will leave the formidable enemies with bared fangs to Pito. Enemies like LLENN.

Fuka's legs

Fuka is pretty happy that her legs grew back

With Fuka able to move again, LLENN starts planning out their next move. The next scan reveals that there is a team at a nearby train station. Fuka has a plan in mind for eliminating them, and LLENN won’t have to fire a single bullet.

Fuka's plan

Fuka launches grenades using an arched attack

Fuka’s plan is to launch grenades over the houses at the enemy. She has LLENN go to safe place to observe and tell her how close she is to her target. With that strategy, Fuka ends up eliminating the enemy team with twelve grenades. True to her word, LLENN didn’t have to fire a single bullet.

The next scan reveals that several teams have joined forces and are moving in on the position of Team PM4.

Fuka and LLENN

Fuka tells LLENN to remain calm

LLENN attempts to rush to the place where Pitohui is, but she doesn’t get far before she trips. Fuka tells her that Team PM4 will probably be all right when it comes down to it.
As for Pitohui, she finds it very amusing that several teams decided to work together.


Pitohui intends to ambush and massacre the allied teams

This is where this episode ends.

Fuka was introduced in the previous episode, and I did like. However, after seeing her in action alongside LLENN, I like her even more now. She is a fun character, and a very worthy ally to fight alongside LLENN.
I feel that Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is at its best when it is focusing on the action, and this episode is evidence of that.
It’s just a bunch of people playing a game together, and fighting to be the best. LLENN and Fuka have displayed some great teamwork already. Watching LLENN go to town on that first enemy team was fun, too.

This episode also presented snippets of Eva’s team, with one particularly amusing moment where her team mates told her to taunt her enemies in a more ladylike fashion.
I’m also curious about Shirley – like I mentioned before, she’ll probably be important since she actually has a name.

Pitohui may have spent most of this episode being bored, but it seems that she will have a little something to shake that off for at least a little while in the next episode. She may not exactly be mentally stable, but I do look forward to seeing Pitohui in action.

I’m glad the previous episodes got all the exposition and set up out of the way. The show can now focus on Squad Jam 2, which I imagine will provide plenty of spectacular gunfights.


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