Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 21: Dragon’s Eye

Previously, Hiyori managed to gain herself a new power. However, as these things tend to be, there is a cost for her new-found strength. The enemy is still out there somewhere, as well.

Vision of the Future

Hiyori has a vision of cutting Kanami apart over and over and over again

The episode begins with Kanami catching up with Hiyori and Yukari, and discovering that Hiyori has merged with Princess Ichikishima. Yukari explains what happened, and Kanami tries to approach Hiyori.
However, Hiyori warns her to stay back as she has visions of cutting Kanami apart. Having absorbed Princess Ichikishima, Hiyori gained the dragon’s eye which lets her glimpse into the future.
Hiyori ends up retreating. Yukari tells Kanami to report to Sana, whilst she follows Hiyori to try and teach her how to control the aradama.

Save Hiyori

Kanami insists on going after Hiyori

Kanami and the others go to Sana and report the situation to her. As you can probably imagine, Kanami insists on going after Hiyori, but Sana doesn’t allow that. Besides, Yukari is already going after her. Instead, she sends the girls off to get some rest.

Yukari and Hiyori

More visions of the future

Yukari is able to catch up to Hiyori, and she pretty much tells her to not lose herself. Yukari reveals that whilst the Origami family has the power to suppress aradama, the Hiiragi family – Hiyori’s family – has the power to exorcise them. Effectively, the Origamis and the Hiiragi’s are two sides of the same coin.

Hiyori's anger

Hiyori doesn’t know where to direct her anger

With the Origami and Hiiragi families having the same kind of power, Hiyori wants to know why her mother sacrificed herself. However, she understands through Princess Ichikishima, which means she has no idea where to direct the blame or her anger.
Yukari tells Hiyori to cut down Princess Tagitsu and become an evil god. Once she does that, Yukari will bring an end to everything.

Kanami and Minato

Kanami spars with Minato in her dreams

Turns out that getting some rest proves to be a very good idea. Whilst it restores Kanami’s energy, it also gives her the chance to spar and talk with Minato. Kanami’s mother says that she is kind and cares about her friends, but she is also cold and self-centred.
That may be contradictory, but that is just what the world of swordfighting is like. After talking with Minato and getting some rest, Kanami is fully re-energised and keen to get searching for Hiyori.

Hiyori vs Princess Tagitsu

Hiyori fights Princess Tagitsu

As the search for Hiyori gets underway, Princess Tagitsu appears. She and Hiyori end up fighting. They seem to be on fairly equal footing as they clash blades, but as soon as Princess Tagitsu turns her attention to Yukari, Hiyori takes advantage and brings the battle to a close.

Hiyori absorbs Princess Tagitsu

Hiyori absorbs Princess Tagitsu

Kanami and the others arrive just in time to witness Hiyori absorb the defeated Princess Tagitsu, and become an evil god.


Yukari is prepared to end it all now that Hiyori has become an evil god

Now that Hiyori has defeated Princess Tagitsu and absorbed her, Yukari is prepared to drag her into the depths of the netherworld. Hiyori and Yukari’s roles have reversed from before. However, if Hiyori can suppress the aradama, then everything will end without that happening.
However, Hiyori believes that suppressing it is impossible for her.
The other toji offer Hiyori their support, except for Kanami. Kanami asks if they can resume their match from the tournament, now that Hiyori has grown stronger. This really doesn’t sit well with Ellen, but Hiyori agrees to it.

Kanami vs Hiyori

Kanami fights Hiyori with her full strength

This time, Kanami takes on Hiyori with her full strength. The visions that Hiyori witness all end with Kanami defeating her. According to Yukari, Kanami’s sword accurately reads the three powers of heaven, earth, and humanity, and instantly assembles a battle plan. Back in Kamakura was when that part began to bloom, and now the full potential is being shown.


Kanami wants to share Hiyori’s burden

Kanami wins the fight against Hiyori. She tearfully reveals that she won’t let Hiyori be dragged into the depths of the netheworld, and will share the burden that she has taken on. If she can’t suppress it, then she should release it so Kanami can cut down every last bit of it.

Tagitsu emerges

Tagitsu emerges from Hiyori’s body

Just as it seems that Hiyori is coming to terms with everything, she shoves Kanami away. Princess Tagitsu suddenly emerges from Hiyori’s body. Tagitsu stabs Hiyori and then absorbs her – everyone can only watched on is stunned silence.

The episode ends, and this episode has a more sombre ending theme than normal.
Well, I wasn’t expecting things to turn out like that… now the question becomes can Hiyori be saved, or is that it for her?
Princess Tagitsu managed to re-emerge after being absorbed by Hiyori, so I’d hazard a guess that Hiyori could do the same thing. However, Princess Tagitsu now has all three parts of herself back together so it might not exactly be an easy process.

Still, I’d say that this was a pretty good episode. I really liked the way that the show conveyed Hiyori’s future sight. We got more short but sweet sword fights as well, which are always nice.

Whilst what happened to Hiyori is the most surprising part of the episode, I want to focus on Kanami a little here. In all of the fights she has had before, she never really unleashed her full power – perhaps she subconsciously holds herself back in an attempt to enjoy the fight more.
Even Hiyori becoming an evil god wasn’t enough to match her true power, which suggests that Kanami will never truly be satisfied when it comes to swordfighting.
I’ve seen it suggested that Kanami crying after her fight with Hiyori was because she believed that she was going to lose a worthy opponent.
Maybe that was part of it, but I’m just going to say they were genuine tears because she thought she would lose someone she loves.
Then Princess Tagitsu actually had to go and make that a reality… Well, here’s hoping that Kanami can get Hiyori back. Preferably by utterly annihilating Princess Tagitsu, but I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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