Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 7: Team LF

Karen dives back into Gun Gale Online once more, after the plot decided to become convoluted in order for LLENN to end up facing Pitohui. This episode mostly focuses on the introduction of LLENN’s new ally and their preparations for the upcoming battle.



The episode begins with Miyu logging into GGO. Her avatar’s name is Fukaziroh, and she gets quite a bit of attention as female players are rare in the game. She enjoys the attention, though.
LLENN is able to convince M to lend them some help, which results in Fukaziroh being given 10 million credits. They use that to go shopping for weapons for her, and she ends up buying two grenade launchers as well as ammo.

Rythmic Gymnastics club

The rhythmic gymnastics club discuss their plan for SJ2

As Saki and her team talk about getting a weapon that will be able to punch through M’s shield, they see that LLENN has registered for SJ2. They are happy for this development, and decide to not contact her until after the battle is over.

Fukaziroh and LLENN

Fukaziroh and LLENN discuss the rules of SJ2

The rules of the second Squad Jam are similar to the first, but the satellite scan will reveal team names this time around. They also see that Pitohui’s team’s name is ‘PM4’. Of course, the PM part comes from Pitohui and M’s names, whilst 4 means death.

SHINC and Memento Mori

Two of the teams participating in SJ2: SHINC and Memento Mori

The day of SJ2 arrives, and all the teams registered for the event gather together. It seems the favourites to win are a team called Memento Mori, though Eva’s team SHINC are also ones to watch out for due to them achieving second place during the first Squad Jam.


Pitohui arrives

Pitohui and the rest of team PM4 arrive. The leader of Memento Mori reveals that he briefly teamed up with her once, and that she showed very little concern for her allies.

LLENN and Fukaziroh

LLENN and Fukaziroh arrive at the last minute

Miyu ate too much ice cream in real life, and that delayed her logging into GGO. However, she and LLENN make it just in the nick of time. Their arrival doesn’t go unnoticed, and the other players cheer for the champion of the first Squad Jam.
Pitohui shakes LLENN’s hand and congratulates her on her victory. Their conversation gets cut short, as the countdown for the start of Squad Jam 2 begins.


Team LF, ready for battle

As the timer counts down, LLENN and Fukaziroh talk a little about what equipment their enemies will have. LLENN is sure that M will still be using the same gun and shield as before, but she has no idea what Pitohui will be using. There’s also the other members of team LM4; LLENN has no information about any of them.

This is where the episode ends. It served its purpose in introducing us to Fukaziroh, and she seems like a fun character so far. I suppose technically we’ve already been introduced since she is Karen’s friend Miyu in the real world, but this is the first time we’ve seen her in the game.
I don’t really have much to say about this episode. It was simply setting up for the second Squad Jam. With that all done now, though, the action will almost certainly pick up for the next episode.

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