Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 6: Half-Elated and Half-Disappointed

In the sixth episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Karen gets an unexpected visitor who requests her help.

New Gun

LLENN buys herself a new P90 after losing P-chan during Squad Jam

The episode begins with LLENN acquiring a new gun, and she soon bumps into a familiar face: Eva. Back in real life, the rhythmic gymnastics high school club go over to Karen’s place.

High school rythmic gymnastics club

The real life appearances of the all-female team LLENN and M fought during Squad Jam

This group of girls didn’t really gel well as a team to begin with, which was why they ended up getting into Gun Gale Online. They thought they could use it to build their teamwork, and sure enough, they did. Seems that they’re more focused on improving at Gun Gale Online rather than their rhythmic gymnastics, though…


Karen goes out to karaoke with Miyu

Next up, Karen goes to karaoke with Miyu. They talk a little about Karen’s performance during Squad Jam; Miyu is very impressed.
After that, as Karen makes her way home, she gets a message on her phone. There will be a second Squad Jam. Karen doesn’t seem particularly keen on entering it.
When she gets home, she has a surprise waiting for her.


This man is M – his actual name is Goushi Asougi

M has tracked down Karen, as he wants her to participate in the next second Squad Jam. The reason for this is that people could potentially die – more specifically, he may die, as too will Pitohui.
According to Goushi, Pitohui is obsessed with death. She was a beta tester of SAO, but ended up missing out on being part of the SAO incident due to having something come up in real life.
However, she was obsessed with the death game, and became something of a death seeker herself.


Pito threatens to kill Goushi in real life if she is killed in the game, or they don’t win

Pito and M will be participating in the next Squad Jam. However, Pito threatens to kill both M and herself in real life if they end up losing.
Goushi says that he loves Pito, and that is the reason he has come to Karen for her help. He wants Karen to fight Pito in GGO, as he is convinced that having LLENN defeat her will resolve everything.
Karen recalls what Pito said to her before, and agrees to it. First, however, she will need a partner. Nobody immediately comes to mind, but then Karen realises there is one other person she can rely on.

Miyu Shinohara

Miyu Shinohara

Karen turns to her friend Miyu for help. After explaining the situation, Miyu is excited at the prospect of going wild in GGO as her avatar, Fukaziroh.

That brings this episode to an end, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing LLENN and Fukaziroh tearing the place up in the second Squad Jam.
As for this episode… well, it set up the next part of the plot. There wasn’t really much else going for it, though.
I suppose it did reveal a bit more of Pitohui’s character, though I totally agree with Karen when she said that Goushi should have gone to the police or a psychiatrist after he explained what’s going on.
Goushi doesn’t show much sense, either – apparently he refuses to do those things because that’s not what Pitohui wants. Surely if he cared about Pitohui that much, he would actually consider one of those options.
Also, since Pitohui has threatened to kill him twice now, I’m not sure those feelings are mutual…

A showdown between LLENN and Pitohui is inevitable, I just think there might have been a better way to set it up. Well, no matter – the gun fights have proven to be entertaining so far, I imagine that will be consistent regardless of the reasons for them.

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1 Response to Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 6: Half-Elated and Half-Disappointed

  1. Karandi says:

    This is the second review I’ve read of this today and I’m really convinced that this plot makes no sense. Pitohui definitely needs help and there’s no adequate reason for not getting her the medical attention she needs.

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