Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 19: Divergent Paths

Things didn’t quite go to plan for the Toji in the previous episode of Katana Maidens, and it seems like things will only be getting worse for them in episode 19. This episode is mostly setting up what is to come.

Unhappy Kaoru

Kaoru is not happy about being sent on aradama suppression missions, especially after what happened last time

It has been a week since Princess Tagitsu was able to get Princess Takiri, and the Toji have been sent on aradama suppression missions. Kaoru is fed up of this, and wants to do something. However, she is just told that they will let her know when information concerning Princess Tagitsu comes in.


Maki feels like the eight Toji here would struggle to fight Princess Tagitsu

Later on, Maki tells the other Toji that they need to wait before making a move. Previously she was willing to put her life on the line to fight Princess Tagitsu, but Suzuka soon slapped some sense into her. Maki says that Princess Tagitsu will probably make a move fairly soon.

Princess Tagitsu.jpg

Princess Tagitsu appears on TV

Sure enough, Princess Tagitsu does make her move. She appears on television, claiming that she wants to coexist with humans. Mai suggests that Princess Tagitsu’s views may have changed after fusing with Princess Takiri. That’s not the case; Kanami can tell from her eyes that Princess Takiri’s influence is nowhere to be found.
It also happens that Princess Tagitsu has managed to convince the government to turn against the sword administration – she has a higher up from the government on her side, as well as another ally that the girls recognise.


Yukina has allied herself with Princess Tagitsu

Yukina demands that Yukari Origami hands over Princess Ichikishima, and even threatens the use of force if necessary. There’s quite a bit happening here, but the aradama don’t care. Kanami and Sayaka are dispatched, as one has appeared.


Ayumu easily defeats an aradama

However, before Kanami and Sayaka can arrive at the aradama’s location, it is defeated. Turns out the Toji from Ayanokouji have taken care of it – it is a group that includes Ayumu. Kanami and Sayaka have a brief chat with her, and discover that she thinks of Princess Tagitsu as a goddess. Ayumu is called away after that.

Questioning Yomi

Suzuka and Maki have some questions for Yomi

Elsewhere, Maki and Suzuka have decided to talk to Yomi. They ask whether she is working for Princess Tagitsu of her own free will – apparently she is. After a couple more questions – including one about whether Yume was happy or not – Maki decides that their paths have diverged.

Ichikishima and Yukari

Princess Ichikishima and Yukari leave the submarine

The submarine where Princess Ichikishima being held is spotted, but an investigation reveals that nobody is aboard.
Princess Ichikishima and Yukari seemingly left it earlier, with some help.
The episode ends with Yuknia promising to bring Princess Ichikishima to Princess Tagitsu.

Presumably, this episode was setting up for the final act of the anime. It seems like Yukari is going to play a more active part from the next episode onwards, and that is something I am looking forward to seeing.
There’s also the small matter of the Sword Administration having the government against them. I’m guessing that will be resolved by the older cast members, which means that the younger ones will be able to focus on fighting where necessary.

Not too much else to add here; this episode progressed the plot. It may not have been the most action-packed or thrilling, but I wouldn’t call it a bad episode, either. It done its job, and that’s all that really matters when it comes down to it.

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