Spring 2018 Anime: Thoughts So Far

Once again, we’ve more or less arrived at the mid-point of a season of anime. That means it is time for me to share my thoughts so far on each of the shows I have been watching. I’ll go through each show in alphabetical order.Aikatsu Friends!
AFThis show was recommended to me as I enjoy PreCure, and what do you know? I am enjoying Aikatsu Friends as well. The cast of characters have proven to be fun so far, and I’m particularly enjoying seeing the relationship that is developing between the two lead characters, Aine and Mio.
Love Me Tear’s song ‘Believe it’ is quite the earworm as well – it is used as the show’s ending theme – for now at least.
Talking of songs, I would like to hear more variation for the insert songs. I know its still early days, so I’m going to guess I’ll just need to be patient.

Amanchu! ~Advance~
This show is at its best when it is about diving. I feel like the introduction of the character Kokoro has made it stray away from that a bit. I don’t really like Kokoro, either. They haven’t really brought anything new to the established cast.
Recently, Amanchu has been giving us some fantastical aspects – I don’t think I’m too keen on them. It works in a show like Flying Witch because magic is established there – with Amanchu, it just doesn’t quite feel right to me.

BNNGAt the time of writing, BORUTO is covering the chunin exams – something that has already been seen in the film. However, I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t really mind that they decided to go down that route. Actually, the chunin exams definitely feel like a step up in terms of quality compared to most of what came before.

Comic Girls
CGAt the beginning of the season, I tweeted that Comic Girls would be a favourite show of mine this time around. My view on that still remains the same: I’ve really been enjoying watching the female mangakas interact. I particularly enjoy the way each character shares some aspect of the type of manga they draw.

Crossing Time
CTCrossing Time piqued my interest with its first episode, but none of the other conversations at a level crossing have really been that interesting so far. Since each episode is a mere three minutes long, I’ll stick with it just to see if we get another interesting conversation.

Cutie Honey Universe
CHUI was starting to lose interest in Cutie Honey Universe, but episode 6 changed that. Before that, it just felt too formulaic. There generally isn’t anything wrong with a monster of the week approach, but Cutie Honey Universe wasn’t really doing much to keep things interesting.
Fortunately, episode 6 gave us quite the drama which also allowed the show to break out of the formula. I am now far more keen on seeing what will happen next.

Hugtto! PreCure
Angry LuluI might be a little bit in love with Lulu. At the time of writing, Hugtto! PreCure is giving us an arc that focuses on Lulu. The show has been absolutely amazing ever since Lulu started living at Hana’s place.
I could go on about Lulu for a while, but I will also mention that the characters’ personal dramas have all given us some really good episodes as well.

Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko
Akane, Hiyori and KanamiThe second cour of Katana Maidens actually took some time to set up its plot, unlike the first which just dived straight in. This gave us some nice character interactions, an example being Kaoru and Sayaka.
Whilst the sword fights are over fairly quickly, they are still fun to watch as well. I also feel like Maki and Suzuka of the elite guard have improved as characters compared to how they were during the first cour.

Kiratto Pri☆Chan
KPCI really liked what I have watched of this so far, but my progress has come to a halt due to dubious subtitles. I might just have to endure them, though, especially if I actually want to keep up with the show.

Lostorage conflated WIXOSS
LcWThe card game filled with despair returns once more, and I still haven’t got the faintest clue what the rules of WIXOSS are. However, that’s absolutely fine – you don’t need to know the rules to be aware of what is at stake for all the characters involved in this new round of Selector battles.
I particularly enjoy the way that the characters from both previous seasons are coming together – I’m going to guess that they will inevitably end up having to battle each other at some point.

Love To-LIE-Angle
LTLAToo short.

Magical Girl Site
Tsuyuno and Aya, collapsed buildingI have really been enjoying covering this show, and sharing how things have been changed from the manga. I’ve particularly enjoyed Aya’s growth as a character so far. I also believe that episode 7 should adapt another favourite part of mine from the manga, so I am looking forward to that quite a bit.

My Hero Academia Season 3
MHA3It took a little bit to get there, but the third season of My Hero Academia has really got moving over the past couple of episodes. An attack from the League of Villains has meant that the UA Students have to fight. At the time of writing, that conflict is still ongoing. I am keen to see how it plays out, particularly with the League of Villains plan.

One Piece
OPA wedding has been crashed, and naturally chaos has ensued. Before that, though, the show is giving us a flashback of Big Mom’s past. I’m already aware of what happened due to having read the manga, but it should still be interesting.
What comes after that, though, is what might just be Luffy’s toughest battle yet. That is something that I am looking forward to seeing animated.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Angry LLENI really couldn’t get on with the original Sword Art Online, but this spin-off is something that I am enjoying a lot. I like it’s main character, LLENN, a lot, and the action scenes have been enjoyable thus far.
At the time of writing, the most recent episode was a recap. It covers the first five episodes, but honestly, you’d be better served just watching the episodes for yourself.
As for what the future holds… well, the anime hasn’t revealed Pitohui’s identity in the real world yet. I ended up spoiling it for myself, and then I saw someone just casually tweet it as well. To be honest, I don’t think it is that hard to make an educated guess as to who she actually is.
I know we have yet to meet all the characters as well. That’ll be something to look forward to once the main plot gets rolling again.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby
UPDI pretty much knew that I was always going to enjoy this show, but it has proven to be a lot better that I expected. It probably helps that it has a strong focus on the races of the horse girls, and that said races are pretty consistent in being thrilling and dramatic.
In fact, there is an idol part that just feels tacked on at this point. Fortunately, the idol stuff doesn’t distract from the races, so it’s not all bad.
The horse girls are all great characters – much like a few other people I know, I think Gold Ship is the best. The Trainer has his moments from time to time, but his introduction isn’t exactly favourable…

That covers all the shows I have decided to watch for this season. Some pretty good stuff going on here.

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