Hugtto! PreCure Episode 15: No Eggs, No Life

Episode 15 of Hugtto! PreCure simply features Lulu going shopping in order to pick up some eggs. However, a simple shopping trip turns into quite the experience when she bumps into Emiru.

No eggs, no life

This whole episode is full of prime screenshot material

We begin with the Nono family learning that there is a sale on eggs, but everyone is too busy to take advantage of the limited time offer. However, Lulu offers to go and pick them up. After she leaves, Lulu wonders why she volunteered to do such a thing.

Cure Emiru

Cure Emiru, keeping the world safe (through careful prevention)

Lulu then meets Cure Emiru – or just Emiru, who is copying PreCure. Lulu suspects that she isn’t a real PreCure, though there is a sliver of doubt. Lulu presses on, but Emiru decides to accompany her.


Saaya and Homare have a… erm… ‘tricky’ conversation

Lulu and Emiru happen to pass by Saaya and Homare. Apparently Saaya’s most recent audition didn’t go so well, and Homare isn’t exactly having much like with her figure skating.

Saaya and Homare

Saaya is a fan of Emiru’s outfit – Homare doesn’t seem to agree

Moving on, Lulu makes it to the supermarket where the eggs are on sale, and there are a horde of shoppers all making a mad dash for the cheap eggs. Of course, Lulu has the advantage, and she is able to procure her prize.

Eggs Get!

Not even halfway through, and this episode is amazing

Whilst Lulu focuses on getting the eggs, Cure Emiru decides that she should help out some of the shoppers. However, since this is Emiru we’re talking about, things don’t really work out.
After leaving the supermarket, Cure Emiru laments about how she wasn’t really able to help everyone. However, Lulu says that everyone she tried to help left with a smile on their face. This cheers Cure Emiru up.


Emiru invites Lulu over to her house

Emiru then invites Lulu over to her house, but she has to make a quick stop first. Before that, we briefly check in with the main cast.

Hugtan talks

The girls’ reactions to hearing Hugtan say Homare and Saaya’s names

Hugtan speaks Homare’s name, and we then get a delayed reaction from the three girls. She then says Saaya’s name. Hana wants in on the fun too, but she ends up being a little too keen and scaring Hugtan.

Not Emiru's house

No, this is not Emiru’s house

Emiru’s brief stop is to change into her normal clothes. She also reveals that she is not actually a PreCure – Lulu had come to this realisation a little while ago.
Moving on, it turns out that Emiru’s home is practically a castle. Amusingly, whereas most people would have shown some kind of reaction to all this, Lulu just takes everything in her stride.
Emiru’s parents and older brother greet them when they enter. Emiru quickly takes Lulu to her bedroom, which has a couple of violins and a piano in it. Lulu is curious about the instruments, as she doesn’t know what music is.
This is when Emiru decides to reveal a secret about herself.

Guitarist Emiru

Emiru plays guitar

Turns out Emiru absolutely loves to play guitar. She then plays a song for Lulu, which captivates her. Lulu doesn’t really know how to process the emotions it makes her feel, but she does know that she wants to hear it again after the first performance. However, Emiru’s encore is cut short.

EMiru's older brother.jpg

Emiru’s older brother. I don’t like him

Emiru’s older brother says that girls have no place playing guitar – they should play instruments like violins or pianos. Lulu isn’t taking any of his crap though, and has a go at him for trying to decide what Emiru should and shouldn’t do.

Angry Lulu

This episode is the gift that just keeps giving

Lulu’s angry pout is amazing, by the way. Emiru thanks Lulu for getting angry for her – this is something else that Lulu struggles to process.

Monster of the Week

This Oshimaidaa attacks with sound waves

Since this is PreCure, it means that is about time for an attack by the monster of the week. This week’s Oshimaidaa is a cat-piano hybrid thing. Cure Emiru rushes out. Of course, the actual PreCure girls also confront the monster.
Cure Emiru saves a young boy from the monster’s attack, and Cure Yell calls her a hero as well. PreCure then finish off the monster in the usual manner.


Emiru is convinced that meeting Lulu was destiny

With the monster defeated, calm returns. Emiru is a little shocked that she done something so dangerous, but Lulu says that she did the same thing before. Lulu doesn’t really know why, but Emiru sees Lulu as a kindred spirit. Emiru suggests that she and Lulu become PreCure together.

Erutto PreCure

…I would totally watch this.

Emiru is very enthusiastic about it. Lulu, on the other hand…

I absolutely loved this episode. Hugtto! PreCure has been knocking it out of the park ever since Lulu started staying at Hana’s place, and this episode may just be the most triumphant example of that.
Of course, Lulu and Emiru were the stars of this episode, but the main cast got some nice little highlights as well.

With their interactions over the past couple of episodes, I’m really starting to like the idea of a Saaya x Homare ship. Admittedly the moments they have had together are relatively small, but I think there is enough there.
Hugtan expanding her vocabulary was a fun scene, too. The delayed reaction really made that scene, and then Hana scaring Hugtan was pretty amusing as well.

Without a doubt though, Lulu and Emiru were the main attractions here. Their interactions with each other were brilliant. I have a new-found appreciation for Emiru now, particularly since we have learned that she plays guitar.
I don’t care for Emiru’s older brother though. What a terrible view to have on girls who play guitars. I’m glad Lulu had a go at him.

Overall, this episode just felt like pure fun. It seemed liked whoever was responsible for putting this episode had a lot of fun doing so, and that really shines through. In turn, it made this episode a very memorable, and indeed, a very fun, experience.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    This episode was amazing. Nuff said.

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