Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 5: Feel Life!

Squad Jam continues in episode 5 of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, and only two teams remain. M also read a letter, which led to him taking a surprising course of action.

Pito's letter

M reveals what was in the letter

The episode begins with M begging for his life, after he attempted to shoot LLEN. Turns out that Pitohui was threatening to kill M if he didn’t survive Squad Jam.
After hearing that, LLEN decides that she will take on the final battle by herself.

Final battle begins

LLEN’s first opponent for the final battle

LLEN dashes off, and cuts off communication with M. Soon enough, LLEN ends up encountering the enemy. I won’t go into too much detail about the battle, simply because it is best watched for itself.
She is able to eliminate the foe, but there is still the rest of the team to deal with. LLEN ends up taking fire from a sniper.

LLEN injured

LLEN after getting hit by sniper fire


Leader of the enemy team, Eva

LLEN comes under fire once more, though she is able to use a grenade as a distraction to make a run for it. She soon realises that she just can’t keep running, and that she has been surviving so far by getting up close to her foes.
LLEN also happens to hear a voice giving her encouragement.


P-chan encourages LLEN

That whole sequence with P-chan is hilarious. After that, LLEN takes the fight to the enemy.


LLEN dodges a bullet

LLEN puts up a valiant effort against her opponents, but they have the advantage of numbers. However, turns out that M has decided to support LLEN for the final battle, and he snipes at the enemy team.

LLEN vs Eva

The two team leaders go head to head

Eva proves to be a formidable foe for LLEN, and neither combatant intends to back down. Both end up running out of ammo, but Eva still has at least one ally who throws her a magazine.
Eva reloads, and then unloads against LLEN. However, LLEN blocks the bullets with P-chan, which causes the gun to be destroyed.

Angry LLEN

LLEN does not take kindly to P-chan being shot

Though LLEN may be without P-chan, she still has the knife that M gave her earlier on. The final battle of the Squad Jam draws to a close, in pretty spectacular fashion. I won’t spoil who won here – this episode is well worth watching.
Also, there is a post-credits scene.

Saki and Karen

Karen shakes hands with Saki (AKA Eva)

I really enjoyed this episode – this was the kind of thing I was expecting to see from Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. This episode certainly delivered – LLEN taking on the final team was a thrilling watch.
There were also some neat moments besides the action – P-chan talking to LLEN was a scene I found particularly amusing.

I also like the contrast between LLEN and Eva’s real life selves – it’s the opposite of how they are in Gun Gale Online. Also, Karen is over her height complex now – courtesy of Gun Gale Online.

With Squad Jam concluded, I look forward to seeing what more Gun Gale Online has in store for LLEN – and Pitohui as well.

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1 Response to Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 5: Feel Life!

  1. Karandi says:

    Karen’s height complex was about the only bit of character drama this show had established and she’s over it at episode 5? I’m kind of glad I decided last week to stop watching this.

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