Hugtto! PreCure Episode 13: Does Not Compute

Episode 13 of Hugtto! PreCure features a new transfer student arriving in Hana’s class. Said new student also stays at Hana’s home, and Hana is eager to make her feel welcome.

Hana hugs Lulu

Hana is quick to greet the new visitor

Previously, Lulu just showed up at Hana’s home and said that she would be staying there. Lulu claims that they have met before, so Hana’s reaction is to hug her. Thing is, Hana cannot recall where she knows Lulu from…
Lulu also transfers into Hana’s class.


Looks like we’re getting the whole L/R dance again – I’ll stick with calling her Lulu

It doesn’t take long for Lulu to make quite an impression on her classmates.


Lulu utterly defeats Hana in a game of tennis

Lulu seems to be able to master everything she turns her hand to. This results in several of the male students attempting to ask her out. Lulu’s response to that?

Take out

Lulu threatens to ‘take them out’

The boys swiftly give up on her after that. Hana, however, absolutely adores her – not even the show of strength puts her off.
Hana is keen for Lulu to make more friends, so she arranges a surprise party for her.

Surprise Party

Lulu’s surprise party

However, Lulu doesn’t seem to react well to the surprise party at all. She finds it pointless – not even Harry and Hugtan’s entertainment changes her mind on that.


Hugtan reacts to Lulu telling her ‘does not compute’

The party wasn’t a successful one, much like Lulu’s attempt to try and find out where Hana gets her power from as PreCure.

Hana talks to her DAd

Hana talks to her Dad about Lulu

Later on, Hana asks her Dad if they can take Lulu to an amusement park. Her dad offers some advice; effectively, she should treat Lulu like one of the family instead of trying to do all these special things for her.
After that, Hana goes to get Lulu down for dinner, but Kotori reveals that Lulu has gone to town. Hana then gets a call – an Oshimaidaa has appeared in town.

Monster of the Week

The monster of the week

Lulu was the one who summoned the Oshimaidaa – she decided it would be more effective to revert to previous methods in an attempt to learn more about PreCure’s power.
Cure Yell confronts the Oshimaidaa alone, whilst calling out for Lulu. She knocks it down with her Flower Shoot attack, but this Oshimaidaa has a trick up its sleeve.


The Oshimaidaa transforms

Their foe takes on an UFO-like form. Cure Yell ends up clinging to it, but she gets thrown off. Following that, Yell ends up talking to Lulu.

Lulu and Cure Yell

Yell tells Lulu that she wants to be family

Yell tells Lulu that she wants to be family – they may have differences, but they’ll be able to work them out. When Lulu asks on what basis, Yell gives her a simple one: Hana Nono likes Lulu.
Following that, PreCure take out the Oshimaidaa in the usual way, and find Lulu is safe and sound.
Later that night, Hana sneaks into Lulu’s room and is eager to get to know more about her.

Lulu and Hana

Lulu and Hana sleep together

Hana ends up falling asleep pretty quickly, and then Lulu is left wondering what Hana would think if she knew her true identity. She quickly casts that thought aside, and then falls asleep alongside Hana.

That brings this episode to an end, and I think it was a pretty good start for an arc that will be focusing on Lulu. I like Lulu a lot, and this episode just further reinforced that for me.
It seems pretty obvious where this arc is headed. If it gives us more episodes like this one, then I have no problem with that all.
I also wonder if the episode title, ‘The Transfer Student is Fresh & Mysterious’, is a shout out to Fresh Pretty Cure. I have said before that Lulu reminds a lot of Eas from that particular season.

Also got to mention the relationship that is blossoming between Hana and Lulu – that is almost certainly going to be a key factor for the final parts of this particular arc. Effectively, Hana has confessed to Lulu, and the two slept in the same bed. These are very pleasing developments – I very much look forward to seeing more interactions between Hana and Lulu in future episodes.
Both Saaya and Homare are good options for Hana, but I’d have to say Lulu would be Hana’s number one – or maybe things will end up going down the DokiDoki PreCure path. Regardless of what happens, this season has been quite a treat for those of us who got into PreCure for its yuri subtext.

Next time, babies.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Hopefully the Hana X Lulu seeds will actually grow and not stop midway like they did with the other two.

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