Magical Girl Site Episode 4: Friends

The anime adaptation of Magical Girl Site continues, and its fourth episode features a new magical girl, a transfer student and a dark secret.


Site administrator Nana gives Sarina a wand

We pick up from last time with the meeting between Sarina and Magical Girl Site administrator Nana. Nana encourages Sarina to become a magical girl, and play the role of the successor of the Magical Hunter. When Nana tells her that Aya and Tsuyuno are magical girls as well, Sarina accepts in order to get her revenge for what they did to her and her friends.


Magical girl Sarina

Following that, we see Aya and Tsuyuno visiting Rina at the hospital. Once they leave, Tsuyuno asks Aya why she was being bullied by Sarina and the others. At first, it seemed like Sarina was helping Aya out, but Aya could never work up the courage to thank her. Sarina called her out on that, and that was when Aya’s life became a living hell.
Aya blames herself for all that, but Tsuyuno disagrees.

Forehead flick

Tsuyuno flicks Aya’s forehead

Tsuyuno says that Aya should stop blaming herself.

Get Stronger

Tsuyuno tells Aya that she needs to get stronger

After that, we get narration from Aya about how Tsuyuno is the first friend that she has ever made. During Aya’s narration, we see Tsuyuno return home, and…


Tsuyuno collapses

There is also a glimpse of Tsuyuno’s dark secret – more on that will be revealed a little later on in this episode.

Kaname and Keisuke


Next, Kaname ends up crossing paths with Nijimi superfan Keisuke Naoto. Keisuke would rather check his phone then serve a customer – turns out Nijimi has retired from being an idol, which sends Keisuke into shock. Kaname has to deal with him.

Following that, Aya returns to school. She carefully opens her shoe locker, only to discover that nobody has tampered with her footwear.


Happy Aya is something I would love to see more of

Not having to put with any bullying is certainly a good reason to be happy, but part of that happiness also stems from the friendship she has formed with Tsuyuno. Aya is eager to tell her how she feels.
Of course, that happiness is short-lived.

Sarina returns

Sarina returns to school

Sarina is back. Her return is quickly overshadowed by the arrival of a new transfer student, though.


Nijimi transfers into Aya’s class

So Nijimi’s retirement from being an idol was so she could lead a normal life at school. Her true motive, however, is in order to track down Mikado’s killer and get revenge – she reveals as much to Aya on the roof after school.
Whilst Aya goes to the teacher to get handouts to bring to Tsuyuno who had been absent, Sarina talks with Nijimi…

Aya ends up going to Tsuyuno’s place alone. Nobody answers when she knocks, but the door has been left unlocked.

Aya and Tsuyuno

Tsuyuno is still alive, much to Aya’s relief

Tsuyuno’s dark secret is revealed here: she is keeping the man who killed her family captive. Tsuyuno explains how she became a magical girl, and how she lived in fear until she got her wand.
She stops Aya from calling an ambulance, because she doesn’t want anyone else to discover the murderer.

That brings this episode to an end. This episode adapted chapters 10, 11, 12 and most of 13.
Before I talk about what changed here, I just want to bring up something that the anime seems to be skipping over entirely: Rina Shioi’s current appearance. She had a wand that let her take on the appearance of whoever she photographed with it – the person she chose was actually Sarina’s older sister.

Back to this episode, though. A fairly faithful adaptation this time, at least from what I can see from a quick flick through of the manga. The anime did leave out some of the bullying that Aya suffered through in her flashback, but it still got the same idea across.
In the manga, Kaname accompanies Keisuke to the hospital after he collapses.
There is some stuff that happens at the hospital – basically Kaname having to put up with Keisuke’s fanatic rantings.
I think this episode should have adapted all of chapter 13, though, as that would have been a very good cliffhanger. It only left out a few pages from the manga, so it’s not too bad.

I really liked what they done for Nana’s movement. It was unsettling, and matched the site administrator perfectly. Obviously that is something that is more difficult to convey in the manga, so I found it to be an interesting touch.

The most important thing to come from this episode is the fact that Aya has changed – she seems happier, and she is growing closer to Tsuyuno. Magical girl Sarina is also very noteworthy, particular as she will be the Magical Hunter’s successor.
This was a good episode.

The next episode is one that I am very much looking forward to – one of my favourite events from the manga will finally be adapted. I don’t intend to give away what it is, but I will say that it is very good.


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