Magical Girl Site Episode 3: Puppy Play

Aya and Tsuyuno have learned about something called the Tempest. They don’t have much to go on at the moment, so the search for another magical girl who may be able to help them learn more gets underway.The episode begins with a man who is best described as a ‘Nijimi Anazawa superfan’ – it’s probably worth remembering him, as he may be important later on. More importantly, though, is Nijimi herself.

Nijimi Anazawa

Nijimi Anazawa

Nijimi is part of an idol group called ‘Dog Play’ – or, if you go with the manga’s English translation, ‘Puppy Play’. I’ll be referring to her group as Puppy Play, simply because that is what I am more used to, having read the manga first.

Tsuyuno and Aya

Tsuyuno and Aya discuss their next move

Next, we catch up with Tsuyuno and Aya, who are at the hospital where Shioi was taken. Aya tries to find out how Tsuyuno came to be a magical girl – whilst we see a flashback to that tragic scene, Tsuyuno doesn’t share it with Aya.
Their conversation moves on, and Aya suggests that they might be able to find another magical girl with a wand that can heal Shioi, so they can get information about the Tempest out of her.
Fortunately, they have Shioi’s kill list; a list of magical girls she intended to murder. One of them happens to be familiar.

Nijimi meets Aya and Tsuyuno

Nijimi is thrilled to meet other magical girls

Yep, sure enough, Nijimi is a magical girl as well. Aya and Tsuyuno go to a fan meet and greet event to get close to her. Once they do, Tsuyuno freezes time, and Aya uses her wand to transport Nijimi elsewhere.
Aya and Tsuyuno find her, and Tsuyuno returns to the flow of time to normal to talk with Nijimi. Nijimi freely admits she is a magical girl when asked – however, their conversation gets cut short as she has to rapidly return to the meet and greet. She asks Aya and Tsuyuno to meet her at a specific building later that night.
The pair go there, and discover that Nijimi has several fans that carry out her every command. The reason for this is her wand.

Nijimi's wand

Yep, this is Nijimi’s wand

Nijimi’s wand effectively allows her to turn anyone into her slave. Tsuyuno was wandering why Nijimi seemed so unguarded; her power means that she doesn’t really have anything to worry about.
After Aya and Tsuyuno get over their shock and confusion respectively, they ask Nijimi if she knows any other magical girls.
She did know one – they were close friends. However, her friend was killed.

Bad Apple

Nijimi’s ‘bad apple’ side starts to come out

The person who killed Nijimi’s friend? It was Shioi. Nijimi makes it very clear that she intends to get revenge – she wants to kill the very magical girl that Aya and Tsuyuno are trying to help.
Aya and Tsuyuno decide to leave, though not before they have exchanged contact details with Nijimi – and maybe not of their own volition…


Back at the hospital, Aya and Tsuyuno discuss what they should do next. Someone happens to overhear them.


Sarina overhears Aya and Tsuyuno talking

Sarina decides to investigate the room where Shioi is.
Before that, though, we see that Kaname has been doing some investigating of his own.
Back to Sarina, and she discovers that Shioi isn’t the only one in the room.


Sarina meets the Magical Girl Site administrator

We get a brief scene of Aya laughing happily with Tsuyuno, as well as a few shots of certain other characters.

With that, the episode comes to an end. This episode adapted chapters 7 through to 9 of the manga.
Sarina meeting her sister in the hospital was cut out, though that might be something that could be shown next time. It might not even come up, but I think I’ll avoid saying any more just in case.
In the manga, Aya didn’t have conscious control over where her magic would send her targets. It would just send them to places where she had a deep emotional experience. In the anime, however, she just needs to think about a place to send someone there.
There’s also a scene in the manga where Aya is worried about how much Tsuyuno is using her wand – that got skipped over in the anime.

Things are certainly moving along in this episode. This episode has the start of something that I have been very eager to see since I read a particular set of chapters from the manga. I won’t give away what it is, but I suspect it will be worth the wait.
As for Nijimi… she seems all right I guess. I don’t really have much else to say about her for now.

The anime adaptation of Magical Girl Site has been pretty good so far, and it seems likely that will continue to be the case. We move ever close to one of my favourite scenes…

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  1. OG-Man says:


    I imagine Nijimi will be an interesting lass. More Aya X Tsuyuno material. Looking forward to more.

    Could care less about the two scumbags. The bully will surely make an annoyingly amusing foil for Aya and Tsuyuno.

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